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Review of TorkLift RV and Camper Steps - Foldable Scissor Steps - TLA7843

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TorkLift RV and Camper Steps - Foldable Scissor Steps - TLA7843 Review

Ellen: Hey everybody. I'm Ellen here at and we're going to take a quick look at the TorkLift GlowStep. These are going to be a scissor style step to allow you to get in and out of your truck bed camper. So these are a really nice, very solid, easy to use step. The thing that I really like about them is that they are so simple. There's not really a lot to worry about with these and they're pretty modular.

So if something ever happens to one of your steps, you can always take out that one piece and replace it, makes it really nice for keeping it going for many years. You don't have to worry about replacing the whole unit. You can just go step by step if you want to and you could also add or subtract steps as needed as well. So it can be really versatile and there's no assembly required either. This is exactly how it was out of the box.

The only thing I did was just open it up.I didn't have to put anything together, has the nice landing gear feet at the bottom, which we'll take a closer look at in a minute and overall it's just really sturdy. I grabbed this just leaning against my wall here. I don't have it held in with any kind of hardware or anything and it's still pretty stable. I mean, I've just got it kind of set up here. But as far as the stability of those steps and whether or not they're going to collapse under you, they're really nice and sturdy.

I'm not exactly a light person and the fact that this has a 375 weight limit gives me a little peace of mind to know that these are going to be very sturdy and very stable steps and since they're made of a nice aluminum as well, they should last you a long time and they're really lightweight. So let's take a little closer look at some of those features and talk a little bit more about how this works. Really, the main thing that you'll have to worry about is just mounting this plate to the back of your camper, to your truck.Typically, it's just going to be mounted right underneath and then there's a couple of little pins on either side here. So you can remove those steps whenever you are actually going to be traveling. Typically, you don't really want to leave them mounted on the back of your truck.

They do fold up nice and compact. It's fairly easy to do, although with the steps not being actually mounted to anything, it's a little bit tricky to get them to open up on your own. That was the one thing I struggled with. I had to get an extra set of hands to help me open up these stairs. They're a little bit stiff at first. Not a bad thing, but just something to keep in mind there. So I'm not going to show you how compact they are whenever they do collapse. But just to give you an idea of how light they are to actually transport them around, you can see I can pick these up. They're really not that bad to lift up at all.So as far as that goes, really not too much to move them around in that respect and again, it's just going to be a little pin and clip on either side of the top of this bracket. Might be able to see this one a little bit better and so you just pull that pin and these come off and you can just fold them up and stash them away. Whenever they are mounted into the bracket, though, they do have a spot where they're going to sit. So there's a little knob on the side that's going to slide into this bracket and then they've got a couple of rubber straps to hold them together. So you can leave them on your vehicle if you want to run your camper, if you want to and another kind of cool thing about these steps is that you can actually kind of use them like a ladder. So if you fold them up, I'll see if I can do it here, a little bit more, you see how they kind of shrink inward You can still walk up these. Just treat it more like a ladder.So that's a really nice feature if you have your camper out of the truck and you don't need quite as many steps or if you're in a really limited space, you can use them in that way. So just another really simple part of the design and here is that tricky part. As you can see, they're just a little stiff to open up on your own and without them being mounted on anything, but still doable. The feet down at the bottom, those do have some adjustment here. So these can be adjusted independently. There are five posts that you can put these different feet into and they do articulate as well. So should account for any kind of uneven terrain. Overall, I really like these steps. I like how solid they are. A couple other little details, it's got some glow tape on either side. That's where it gets the name of the GlowStep. They do glow in the dark and just provide a little bit easier visibility at night.The steps you have some grooves in here to give you better traction on those stairs so it's not just a slick piece of aluminum that you're going to be stepping on. The only other numbers that you really need to know will be the entry height that this works with. This is the three-step version and so the entry height that this will work with is between 25 1/2" and 34 1/2". Just kind of depends on how high you have the feet and how far out you kind of extend those steps. But as long as that distance from the threshold of your RV is within that range, these should work out pretty well. It is covered by a lifetime limited warranty and they are made in the USA and that's pretty much all there is to it for our look at the TorkLift GlowStep. I hope this has been helpful in deciding if these are the best steps for you. We do have a lot of other options available here at So check them out. Thanks for watching.

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