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Review of TorkLift RV and Camper Steps - GlowStep Revolution Uprising 4 to 5 Step - TLA9105

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TorkLift RV and Camper Steps - GlowStep Revolution Uprising 4 to 5 Step - TLA9105 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the Torklift GLOWSTEP REVOLUTION Uprising RV steps. Basically these are going to be a collapsible step for your RV, this is going to be a four step with a bonus step configuration and this comes in two different entryway sizes.So we'll have this one which I have deployed out here expanded so you can get an idea what that's going to look like. This is going to be for 28 inch wide entryways, and we'll have another one that's exactly the same way in every respect except that it's meant for 24 inch wide entryways.The only difference between the two is going to be that width. So our step is going to be a little bit shorter on this one than this one, but all the heights, all the other numbers are exactly the same and all the other features.So the really nice thing about these steps is that they are a scissor design so they're going to collapse in and fold out so that we can get them deployed even in close quarter situations.

A lot of times with the other steps that are more of a drawbridge, like the solid step from Lippert, they are a really good stable step but you have some clearance issues. And especially if you're parked in a more narrow garage or if you're right next to another fifth wheel camper or something like that.So you don't have to worry about that drawbridge effect with these, they're able to deploy with just about 12 inches of clearance. Typically your doors are going to be at least that long if not longer, so if you can open the door on your RV you'll be able to deploy these steps out without any issues.So they're going to fold up into our entryway. So if I we're to collapse this guy up and fold it in it would look like this. It does have a little locking tab to make sure that it doesn't move during transport, so that'll be on the right side there.

And then it just attaches to the frame of your entryway.So we'll have these two tabs on either side that get bolted to the front of your entryway and then into the floor. It does come with the hardware to do that and instructions on how to get that installed. But other than that, there are a lot of things that I really like about these. They are similar to the GLOWSTEP REVOLUTION steps so if you've seen those it's pretty much the same thing.We'll have our aircraft grade aluminum steps, really nice and stable and secure. I don't really have these secured at all, they're just hanging out here.

But even so they're still really solid, they give us a nice, good step to move up and down or in and out of our RV. And with that bonus step we'll have seven and a half inches of adjustment there, then we'll also have our landing gear with those nice rectangular feet for an additional seven and a half inches of adjustment.So if we're on uneven terrain at the campground we have a lot of options to get everything dialed in so we have a nice, solid connection between our RV and the ground. So there's no springboard feeling, we don't feel like we're jumping off a diving board as we're getting out of our RV, and the same thing when we're going up. Which can definitely save a lot of stress on your knees and your back.It makes it a lot easier for your pets to get in and out of the RV if they're coming with you or little ones if they're also coming along for the adventure.So these are definitely going to be an upgrade over the OEM steps. And with this design, this is going to be specifically for those campers or RVs that don't already have a step well underneath the entryway, but you can also use these in lieu of your normal OEM steps too.

So either way you want to go there or whatever your setup might be, it's going to work out really, really well.In addition to being made of aluminum, all our hardware is going to be stainless steel so we don't have to worry about any kind of rust or corrosion. It's going to last for a long time. It's bolted together rather than riveted together, so that's going to give you an advantage. Not only is it going to be more stable and work a lot easier, that's something I like about these is that they deploy out easily, they fold up easily without being too loose or too tight.But also that means that if anything we're to happen to one of our steps or if we ever needed to remove one or add one, we can do that pretty easily. You just have to undo the bolts and then replace your hardware. So each step can be individually removed or added or replaced. They just give you a lot of options as far as adjustability.Also for each step itself there are these grooves, they're going to be four different strips of that on each step that helps to give us some tread there. So we don't have to worry about slipping and sliding on these stairs.And there's also a little glow sticker on each side. So even in low light situations we'll be able to see where those stairs are and get in and out safely and securely. At our threshold we'll also have this course green, sandpaper feel. It just gives you again a nice textured spot so you don't have to worry about slipping as you're getting into your RV or out.As far as the numbers, again, works for entryways between 28 inches or 24 inches. As far as the actual step width, our 28 inch configuration, that usable width for our step is going to be 23 inches. For the 24 version it's going to be 18 and a half inches wide for that step, measuring from the same spot on that one.As far as the rise for our step, it's going to be seven and a half inches, which is pretty typical to the stairs in your home usually.And then whenever it comes to the entry height that this will work with, it's going to work for 34 and seven eights up to 42 and three eights. And that's measuring from the ground to the bottom corner of the threshold on your vehicle.As far as other clearance measurements that you might need to know, there needs to be about five eights of an inch to three quarters of an inch for that sill at your entryway, so you want to make sure it's between there. And then the really important number is that you want to make sure that there's at least three eighths inch of clearance in between that door sill and your door to make sure that it can pass over this top portion.That way you can close your door whenever the steps are deployed and open it up with no issues there. The weight capacity for both configurations. And all these numbers are going to be the same for both, except for the width.The weight capacity is going to be 325 pounds for both of those and they both come with a limited lifetime warranty, and they are made in the USA. You can also pick up a couple of accessories to go with these including a handrail that would just attach to that hardware on the side or the boot brush that goes in there so you can clean off your shoes as you're getting in and out, especially if you've been out in the mud and gravel bars or anything like that.So a lot of options with these steps, I think they do a great job. Really nice and stable and solid and they should last for a good, long time. Well that's going to do it. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding whether or not the Torklift GLOWSTEP REVOLUTION Uprising steps are going to be right for you. Thanks for watching..

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