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Tekonsha Wiring - Trailer Connectors - 119190 Review

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Review of Tow Ready Wiring 119190

Today we're going to review part number 119190. This is the Tow Ready upgraded heavy duty ModuLite circuit protected vehicle wiring harness with the 4-way flat trailer connector. Now this part will provide a 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your tow vehicle to power your trailer signal lights. This will feature a short circuit protection, which will safeguard itself and the tow vehicle against harmful electrical shorts and mis-wire situations, and it automatically will self-reset. It does virtually eliminate the draw on the vehicle's taillight circuit. This taillight circuit has been upgraded to work with vehicles using the PWM or the Pulse Width Modulation system, allowing the converter to fully turn on and gives your trailer lights full brightness during activation.

This will power the trailer's stop, turn and running lights directly from the tow vehicle's battery. It has a separate power wire here that will connect to the battery. This will prevent feedback from your trailer to the vehicle's systems. Now this may be used on a 2 or a 3 wire system. A 2-wire system will have the same bulb for the stop and turn signals, and a 3 wire system has separate bulbs for your stop and turn signals. The red wire is what connects to the brakes so what you want to make sure is when used on a 2-wire system, this red wire must be grounded.

It does adapt a 3-wire system on the towing vehicle to a 2-wire system on the trailer. It will work on vehicles and trailer with either LEDs, incandescent or standard bulb taillights. It does work on most vehicle's multiplex wiring systems for lighting. Now also, when you do install this, you do have to run a separate wire to the battery. Now this does not include that, but we do offer, as a related product on our website, this part number 118151. This is the optional install kit that'll let you run that wire with all the connectors and the inline fuse holder that's needed.

Now a few specs on this. The max stop and turn light circuit draws 4.2 amps. The max taillight is a maximum of 7.5 amps. Basically when you go to install this, what you'll do is it gives you a piece of double face tape that you can put on the back of your ModuLite here to install that in a nice, flat area to where it doesn't move around. You'll have this bonded wire with the 4-way connector on it.

This is what'll go out the back to connect to your trailer. You have a white ground wire with an eyelet on it. You need to connect that to a good, clean ground. Now the colored wires here, they'll be connected separately. You have a green wire, which is for your right turn signal. Your yellow for your left turn signal. The red, again, is for the brake and as we mentioned, if it's a 2-wire system, you'll ground it. If it's a 3-wire system, you'll just attach this to the vehicle stop light circuit. Then the brown is for your taillight system. The last one I had mentioned, the black one, this is for the power, and this is what you need to run to the battery, the positive side post of your battery through an inline fuse holder. Again, that kit we sell as an option can be used to do that. That should do it for the review on part number 119190, the Tow Ready upgraded heavy duty ModuLite circuit protected vehicle wiring harness with the 4-way flat trailer connector. .

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