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Review of Tuson RV Brakes TPMS - RV,Trailer - 335TPMS4WIVS

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Tuson RV Brakes TPMS - RV,Trailer - 335TPMS4WIVS Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Tucson towable tire pressure monitoring system. This is going to have four sensors and interchangeable valve stems. Now this going to allow us to have realtime feedback on how our tire pressure's doing as we're going down the road. That's going to be really important for a number of reasons. It's going to allow us to have better fuel economy and extend the life of our tires and also it overall improves the safety and handling of our vehicle as well as improving over all environmental efficiency. These are going to use a radio frequency to transmit that realtime data to the in cab receiver.

This is going to have a suction cup mount. You can put this on your windshield, just clamps down there so you can have an easy mount there. We'll have our antenna on the back so we can receive that clear signal. And it allows you again to monitor your tire pressure, tire temperature, these sensors, battery voltage and the repeater input voltage as well.That RF repeater is going to enhance the RF transmissions and make that range better between our sensors and the receiver. This is going to give you a visual and also audible alarm warnings intermittently sent over to the receiver when any abnormalities are detected.

So if anything we're to arise, we'll have a visual cue as well as an audio cue to know that something's wrong and we need to get out and check our tires. You can turn the screen off while the monitoring still going on in the background and you can also adjust that volume on your alarm or you can just mute it all together.You also have some customizable settings to allow you to adjust the units of measurement, so if you want to have it in Celsius versus Fahrenheit or vice versa. You could also have the pressure listed in KPA, PSI or BAR. Now our sensors themselves are going to mount inside your tires, so you will need to take your tires off, deflate the wheel, and then install these behind that valve stem. They're going to be labeled in that corner there in a little square so that you can know which one goes where.

This is going to be our left front with the LF and then RF or right front, RL for left rear and RR for right rear. We'll have our four valve stems and then we'll have these little grommets. So if you need to have a shorter valve stem, you can remove that inner grommet from the longer one and then replace it so that you have a shorter length there. These are going to be interchangeable so there's no need to move your tires whenever you have a tire rotation and these sensors are going to have a longer life expectancy than any internal cap sensors.Now this is going to be everything that comes with our kit. We'll have our four sensors, four valve stems, the receiver and repeater.

We'll also have a power cable that goes to a cigarette lighter or a 12 volt power source. There is a button on there to turn it on. I have my receiver mounted to that suction cup holder and then we'll also have some installation hardware there as well as instructions on how to get everything mounted up and working correctly. There's also a little slip to show you how to replace that valve stem extender there.Now the valve stems are going to fit over a valve stem diameter of 0.456 inches or 0.625 inches. The valve stem construction is going to be of brass. This has an operating voltage of 12 to 24 volts DC. Our receiver can have pressure monitoring range between 0 and 203 PSI and a temperature monitoring range between negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit or negative 40 degrees Celsius up to 125 degrees Celsius. As far as our dimensions on our receiver, it's going to be about four and a half inches wide by two and an eighth inches tall and it's going to be just about an inch thick. The stand or the suction cup mount is going to be about three inches tall and the diameter of that suction cup mount is going to be about two inches. Our repeater is going to be three and a half inches wide by about three and three quarters and about an inch and a half thick. It does have some double sided tape on the back so you can mount that in place. And then our two self tapping screws. The cable length for this is going to be about 90 inches.And that's going to do it for our look at the Tucson towable tire pressure monitoring system with four sensors and interchangeable valve stems.

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