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Tuson RV Brakes Weight Distribution - Sway Control Only - 335TSC-1000 Review

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Review of Tuson RV Brakes Weight Distribution 335TSC-1000

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Tuson electronic sway control system. This system limits side-to-side movement of your trailer while towing. It corrects sway by activating your trailer's electric brakes, and it's more effective when compared to friction sway control systems, because this gets ahead of sway before it really happens, or before it becomes noticeable to the driver. It works with trailers with one to four axles, or two to eight brake assemblies, and it's compatible with electric trailer brakes. Now, this is designed to continuously monitor trailer angle and movement, speed and other parameters for real time braking calculations. The algorithm that it uses signals most effective braking response within milliseconds of detecting trailer sway.

It independently applies left or right trailer brakes to counteract the movement, and quickly correct trailer sway, and it automatically disables over rough terrain to prevent unnecessary braking and the unit remains disabled until your rig is back on smooth ground.The system also enters a sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity to conserve trailer battery, and then it will exit the sleep mode after power returns to the brake controller. Also, with this installed it will not interfere with your brake controller, weight distribution system or mechanical sway control. It features a fully sealed design. Its water-resistant construction protects against road spray and the elements, and it's a one-time maintenance free installation. The module, which is this box here, is designed to mount five to ten feet behind your trailer hitch ball.

It's designed to mount along the trailer's center line, so it needs to be securely fastened onto a vertical surface of a steel trailer frame member, and be sure not to mount to surfaces that flex with the wind, such as plastic covers or plastic walls. Mounting hardware is included. Keep in mind that your trailer must be equipped with a full-sized 12 volt battery. It wires to each trailer brake for independent braking capabilities.Now, you will need to provide a minimum of 14-gauge wiring to make your connections, so you'll need to provide the wiring to connect to these wires and then connect to the appropriate connection points. But each wire is color-coded so your white wire is your ground wire, black wire is the ...

basically your power wire, blue is for the electric brakes, purple is for the left side brake assembly, or driver's side, and then pink is for the right side, or passenger's side brake assembly.Also, it comes with an LED light to provide system status for easy troubleshooting. This indicates normal operation, rough terrain or sleep mode, system power issues and more. The 10 foot cord allows you to mount the LED light in an easy to see location on the front of your trailer, so that way you can hopefully . the idea with that is that you can just look back in your rear view mirror and get a good visual and see the status of the electronic sway control system.When it comes to the measurements, for what it is, it's a nice, compact unit. It measures about 5 3/4 inches long, and that's from the outer edge of one flange to the outer edge of the other flange, about 3 5/8 of an inch wide by 2 1/4 inches tall, or deep.That's going to do it for today's look at the Tuson electronic sway control system..

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