UWS Toolbox - Side Rail - UWS07315 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS07315

Today were going to review part number UWS07315. This is the UWS truck bed side rail toolbox. This is the top sider style and it is the pro grade series which is a steel constructed toolbox. This unique top sider design will mount on the top of either of your vehicles truck bed side rails for easy access. It does come with the mounting hardware and the two legs which are used to mount between the box and the truck bed floor in order to provide additional support. Basically these legs would mount on the back of the toolbox and then the bottom foot would mount to the truck bed to give additional support.

This toolbox is built of a heavy duty 14 gauge steel construction. It is a fully welded box which will support extra heavy loads. The latches on both doors are a sturdy T-handle latch which has secure locks on each door. Basically if you just turn the T-handle thatll allow the door to fall open. It is a foam filled door which will enhance strength and rigidity.

There are stainless steel cables, one on each end, thatll prevent the door from flopping down and banging into your truck. It basically will hold your door out 90 degrees. Theres also this micro seal weather stripping around the edge of where the door will close and thatll help seal out moisture, dust, and grime from getting to the inside of the toolbox. The finish on this is a Dura-coat white powder coast finish which will resist rust and minimizes scoffs and scratches. This part is made in the USA.

Just want to give you a few dimensions on this. The overall length on this box will be 90 inches. The width is going to be 13 inches and the total height will be 17 inches. Basically you just flip the T-handle out, turn it and thatll release the door to open. If you need to lock it just turn the T-handle, push it down in, turn the lock a quarter of a turn.

That way itll keep the T-handle form turning thatll keep anybody from getting inside your toolbox. There is a lock on the other door also. This part does come with a lifetime warranty. That should do it for review on part number UWS07315.

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