UWS Toolbox - Chest Toolbox - UWS07319 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS07319

Today were going to take a quick look at the UWS Underbody Toolbox, part number UWS07319. Now this box is constructed of steel and it falls in UWSs Pro Grade Series Line. It has an overall capacity of 6.8 cubic feet of space. Well go over some measurements real quick. The box measurements are determined without the lid. Weve got 36 inches long, 18 inches tall, and 18 inches deep.

Now, the lid itself adds about another 1-1/4-inch to the face of the box. The box is built out of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. Weve got a nice sturdy T-handle lock system. To open the box, well pull the handle up, rotate it a quarter turn and the lid will come open. Theres a pair of steel cables, one on either side that will support the lid when its open.

Youll notice that theres foam gasket around the face of the box to help seal water out. Theres also this channel lip that goes all the way around the opening so that if water does get past the foam seal it will hit this channel, drip down and it will stay out from the interior of the box. The T-handle is lockable either using this lock here or for added security when the latch is closed, a lock can be used here through the handle. This box is built here in the USA and is finished with a DuraCoat black powdered coat. UWS covers this box with a limited lifetime warranty.

Thats it for our quick look at the UWS Underbody Toolbox, part number UWS07319. .

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