UWS Truck Bed Accessories - Pet Restraint - UWS062107 Review

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Review of UWS Truck Bed Accessories UWS062107

Today were going to review part number UWS062107. This is the UWS aluminum tracking collar box, black in color. This is a locking, rust proof aluminum box which will help keep your dogs tracking collar safe. It is built of an aluminum construction with fully welded seams, which will guarantee it not to rust. It does have a stainless steel paddle latch that you can use here to open the lid like that, you just push up, pull up on it and itll open the lid. It also has a stainless steel lock with two keys.

The lid has a beveled edge to it, which is nice, no edges to get caught on anything. When the lid is open it has two heavy duty gas cylinders, one on each side. This will help lift the lid and hold it open. Also on this lid it has a patented foam filled lid which will provide insulation and protection from the elements. Its also a structural foam lid which will reinforce the shape and strength of the lid.

Thatll allow you to close it on one side by just pushing down on it. When you release it to open it will automatically open. It does have a T piano hinge on the back. It runs the full length of the lid and thatll help keep it evenly equal when youre opening or closing the lid. Again it has a stainless steel paddle handle right here and a stainless steel lock that comes with two keys.

Basically I can push this closed, turn it to lock it. The paddle latch will not even move. Then if we turn it a quarter of a turn itll open it up and youll be able to unlock it. This part is made in the USA. I am going to give you a few measurements.

Were going to do it with the lid closed so youll have the overall measurements. The width on it is going to be 33 inches. The depth on it is going to be 36 inches. The overall height with the lid closed is going to be six and a half inches. The inside does give you a usable capacity of 3.3 cubic feet of space. It does come with a one year limited warranty. Basically this box is designed to store the tracking collars that is used on hunting dogs. You can use I t for anything else, but thats the main design. We also do have a couple of related products to go with this part. If you go to the product page for this part number on the right hand side of the page will list the related products. Theres two choices. They are an aluminum antenna mount that can be used to mount the antenna that is used in tracking the hunting dogs. There are two different styles listed there that can be used with this box. That should do it for review on part number UWS062107.

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