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Review of Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jacks - 3,500 lbs A-Frame Jack - UF97FR

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Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jacks - 3,500 lbs A-Frame Jack - UF97FR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Ultra Fab Electric A-frame jack. This jack is going to mount onto your tailer's A-frame tongue, whether you're wanting to bolt it in place or weld it, we do have the holes here that are spaced three inches apart center to center, so that you could get this mounted in the original bolts if you want to. This does have a lift capacity of 3,500 pounds. We've got the 12-volt motor that's going to power the jack, so you're not gonna have to hand crank anymore. This does have the built-in water-resistant toggle switch here.

It's very easy to operate. Like so. It does have an integrative circuit breaker that prevents motor damage and all steal gears that are gonna be strong and durable for you. It does on the top have this rubber cap that you can remove if you're needing to crank it manually, in case of an emergency if you lose power or something along those lines. They do include this 11 millimeter socket that you can put in place there and then you can manually crank it if you need to, like I said, if you lose power or something along those lines.

And then you can just remove that, replace that rubber cap on top there, make sure no moisture gets in to the housing. This does have an overall lift capacity of 23 1/2 inches, that includes our 5 1/2 inch drop leg here, which I have extended currently, but it can retract all the way down to the bottom to our foot plate like so. So, that gives us 5 1/2 inches of lift very quickly, and then our inner leg is going to give us a 18 inch travel with that screw, internal screw, so when we have it fully retracted with the drop leg up, it's gonna stand about 9 1/4 of an inch tall to our mounting plate here with the screw portion extended all the way up. That mounting bracket is gonna be about 27 1/4 inches tall and then if we add that drop leg, we'll get to our full height of 32 3/4 of an inch tall. Up at the top here, we do have these dual lights so we can just push this button on the back here, that's gonna turn on those lights, so that's going to help us if we're setting up in the dark.

Gives us a little bit more elimination so that we can see what's going on and make sure that everything is still gonna be fine if we're getting into the camp site late or we're out fishing late or something along those lines. This does have a six inch round diameter foot plate, which isn't super big but it should still do a decent job of making sure that your jack's not gonna sink into soft ground. It is attached to your drop leg so if you wanted to remove that, you'd have to remove your whole drop leg. This does have a nice sturdy steel construction. You can see this top portion has a black powder coat finish to help resist rust and corrosion It does have this grease opening here underneath this rubber band, and so you can access the inner workings there and get that all greased up, so you're not gonna have problems down the road.

So overall a really decent option here if you're wanting to attach to an A-framed trailer that's up to 3,500 pounds. This will do a good job for ya. So, that's gonna conclude our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching..

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