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Review of Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jacks - Landing Gear - UF17-943010

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Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jacks - Landing Gear - UF17-943010 Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this Ultra-Fab Deluxe Electric Landing Gear Set. And this set is going to include these two electric jacks that will raise and lower with the flip of a switch. So they're gonna be very easy to maneuver, make sure that you are able to raise, level and support your fifth wheel trailer or RV. So if you're used to having to hand crank your jacks, this is gonna obviously be much, much easier for you. This, each jack is going to have a 12 volt DC motor that is controlled by that toggle switch.

The jacks will operate independently for a simple, accurate leveling so that it can accommodate all sorts of terrain to make sure that your RV is gonna be nice and level, so it's gonna be more comfortable for you. As far as our measurements go, our overall height here, when we have it fully retracted like we have these here, it's gonna be 36 inches tall, and when we have fully extended, it's going to extend out to 74 inches tall. So that's gonna give us a 38 inch lift. You're going to achieve that through two different methods. So we've got our drop leg here, which is going to give us plenty of adjustability very quickly.

So we can take up a large amount of the space between our jack and the ground. So this is going to offer us approximately 17 inches of that travel here. And then of course, our motor is going to extend this upper portion about 21 inches, but that is much, much slower. It moves at of rate of travel about 15 seconds per inch. So that's gotta be really nice for getting that precision leveling to make sure that you're not overshooting your goal.

It's gonna move nice and slow for you, but definitely having this drop leg is going to be very nice for picking up a lot of space quickly so that we can more quickly get packed up and hit the road, get out to the camp site or make it home. The motors do have a built-in clutch that's gonna help protect from damage from overextension. Very easy to extend these out, and once they get up to that upper limit, you'll have a little bit of tone change in the motor running. So you'll know it's at its furthest point. But that built-in clutch is going to help prevent any damage when you get to that point.

So our tubing here is a two and a half inch tubing that is constructed of a nice sturdy steel. So it's going to be very durable for us. It's combined weight capacity between the two of them, it's gonna be 12,000 pounds. Keep in mind that is, these are only designed to handle a portion of your trailer's weight. They're not designed to handle the full trailers weight. So, definitely not a good idea to put these jacks up, to change a tire or anything like that. Definitely just wanna use them as a support system. On our base here we do have the extra large footplate. So this is going to be eight inches long by five and three quarters of an inch wide. So having that nice wide surface area's gonna help prevent these from sinking into soft ground. It's gonna give us a nice sense of stability there, making sure that we're not tilting and that sort of thing. It's gonna be very easy to get these installed. They do include these hangers that you'll weld into place on the steel frame of your fifth wheel. Once you to get these welded on. Then you'll put the jack in place, and you bolt those in place. And then all you'll have to do is route your wiring and install your switches. These switches do have the toggle switch there with the cover to help protect from the elements you can see, you do have the four holes there to get this installed. The mounting hardware is not included, but they do include this weatherproof gasket here to give you a nice tight seal, wherever you decide to mount these. The wiring that you need, including the fuses are included so that you can get this wired in place and very easily use that toggle to raise and lower your jacks so that everything's gonna be nice and level for you. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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