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Review of Valterra RV Sewer - Electric 3 Hub to Hub Waste Valves - E40B-8

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Valterra RV Sewer - Electric 3 Hub to Hub Waste Valves - E40B-8 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Valterra EZ Valve electric waste valve for RV black water tank. This is going to give you an electric valve to operate your tank remotely, so you can open that and close that FRET with a push of the switch here.It comes outfitted with that black water tank plate, but you can retrofit this for a gray water tank, and it'll have a replacement plate for that. You will need to get an adaptor, though, to size this valve down from 3" to 1.5" to work with a gray water tank.This is going to be a really easy option for opening up that tank, getting your tank drained out, and then closed back up, without having to get under your RV or even get out and pull any cable or pull a handle.It does have a handle up at the top, so if you're dry camping or if there's a power failure, you could pull this little keeper here and then operate the valve manually. Pull it up, push down, and you can take care of business there. That little ring just pops back in place and keeps that handle locked in whenever it's being operated by our motor.It has a built-in 5 Amp breaker, so that's going to provide circuit protection for the unit, so we don't have to worry about changing any fuses. It just resets with the push of a button.

We'll have a light on our switch to indicate when it's open. That'll turn red there, and then whenever we need to reset that breaker, we just press the button down at the bottom to get it working again.Now this is going to be a 3" hub, so that inner diameter will work with 3" spigots, and the hub will be the female end, so then our other pipe will fit inside there, and this is a hub-to-hub, so it's the female end on both sides.Our wiring harness comes pre-installed there to make the connection between the valve and the switch. We just have this plug to connect, and then power and ground to connect as well.It's a pretty easy install, just replace that valve out, plug up your wiring, and you're good to go. You do want to get some ABS solvent bond to properly install this, to make sure that there's no leaks or anything like that. That is sold separately.

You can find that here at, using Part #A05-0303.This is compatible with 12-volt systems. Again, our passage diameter is 3". The wiring length that we get is eight feet. The valve harness is one foot long, and then our switch harness is seven feet long. It has a power draw of 2.5 Amps, and that's going to do it for our look at the Valterra EZ Valve electric waste valve for RV black water tank..

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