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Review of Valterra RV Waste Valves - Double Electric Sewer Elbow - E84-8

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Valterra RV Waste Valves - Double Electric Sewer Elbow - E84-8 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Valterra EZ Valve three inch Rotating Double Electric Waste Valves. Now, this part will let you replace or upgrade your standard waste valves that's on your RV's waste water tanks with these electric ones, so that you can just open and close the valves with just the flip of a switch. It is an easy operation, just flipping the switch will open them or close them, and they allow for flow from your black water and gray water tanks. Now, I have hooked up some 12 volt power to it just to show you how one of these will work, and you can see here's your switch, and right now it's closed. So you can see, if you push the switch, you can see how it'll automatically open the valve.

And then there's a light here. The light on the switch will come on when the valve is open and then when you push it to close it, the light goes off and you notice the valve closes. It does use the high-torque water-resistant electric motors, and as we can see here, it does include the wiring harnesses, the switch plate that'll install in your RV's control compartment. Also, right under each switch, they do have a built-in 5 amp breaker switch, which will provide circuit protection, and you can reset it with just the push of the button, so there's no fuses that you have to replace. And again, just to show you, that'll open your valve, that'll close your valve.

The three inch hubs on each side here will slide onto your sewer pipes, the three inch lug fitting right up here, this will allow you to connect to your sewer hose, you take off your bayonet cap, you have the four lugs here, put your sewer hose on there, turn it, lock it into place, and then you can drain it. The bayonet cap, if you noticed, is tethered, so it prevents loss of the cap when you remove it, and then when you're done draining, remove your sewer hose, take your cap, twist it back on there to close it. Now, these valves on each end, they can be rotated. Gonna just swing this around. You'll notice there's two bolts up here, two down here, the same on this side.

If you remove those bolts, that'll allow you to rotate this, so the valve handle is in the best position for your application. And the other nice thing they offer, they have a tool-free manual override in case of loss of power. So in other words, if you lose power and you need to open the valves, what you can do is just remove the pin, this locking pin, twist the valve this way, and then you can pull it up just like that manually, the valve will open, and then push it down to close it. And then when you regain your power, you wanna hook it back up, you just twist this into that locking part there, take your pin to hold it into place, push it in there, and now, you're ready to go using it electrically again. What I do wanna do is just turn this, so you can probably see the valve.

There, you can see how the valve opens. Now, it does come with a nice set of installation instructions that'll describe how this install and how it operates. Does require ABS solvent bond for installation of the valve, that solvent bond we do sell separately on our website, it's listed on this page as a related product, part number 805-0303. And this is compatible with 12 volt systems, we have it hooked up system 12 volt power now just to demonstrate it. But that should do it for the review on the Valterra EZ Valve three inch Rotating Double Electric Waste Valves..

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