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Review of Valterra RV Waste Valves - Sewer Wye - TR38

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Valterra RV Waste Valves - Sewer Wye - TR38 Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this motorhome sewer wye with the double rotating waste valves. Now, this RV sewer wye has the double rotating valves and it's a part of your motorhome's waste management system. Basically, this sewer wye will combine this 1 1/2 inch waste valve right here and the three inch waste valve. And this can be used as a replacement part or even upgrade your existing setup.

The three inch hub right here is what'll slide over your RV's black water line. The smaller 1 1/2 inch hub, that'll slide over your gray water line. And what is nice is if you notice the handles they have on here, so the handles are what'll open the valves. So, you can see when you pull it, it opens it. Push it, it'll close it.

Same way on this one, you pull it, it opens it. Push it, it'll close it. But if you notice the handles are color coded. So, the gray handle is for the gray water tank. Black handle's for the black water tank.

So, it's easy identification of which valve it is. The Y configuration you can can see combines the flow of the wastewater from both gray and black water tanks. And then the valves can be rotated. What's nice about this, you notice these four bolts here, you can remove those and then the valves can be rotated, and put the handle in the desired position you need to reach it. Do the same on the large one.

Remove the four bolts, move the handle whatever position you need, tighten it down, you're ready to go. Now, on this end, you can see this is where you'll connect your sewer hose to the three inch lug fitting. Just put your sewer hose on there when you're ready to drain it. And then when you're done, if you notice, it comes with this bayonet style cap that'll just go onto the four lugs and clip into place. And if you notice, what's nice is that bayonet cap is tethered, so it keeps the cap connected to the fitting so you don't lose it. Now, this is a nice, durable black ABS plastic construction. Now, to install this, it will require ABS solvents and that is required for the installation. Now, that we do sell separately on our website. But that should do it for the review on the motorhome sewer wye with the double rotating waste valves..

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