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Review of Ventline RV Roof Vent - Low-Profile Round Fan - VP-543SP

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Ventline RV Roof Vent - Low-Profile Round Fan - VP-543SP Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Ventline VanAir Trailer Roof Vent. This is going to give you a nice, small, low-profile vent option for your enclosed trailer and those places where you don't really want to have a larger opening for a bigger fan or you just need something small with a nice, low-power draw, like this.It requires a 6 1/4-inch rough opening to get this installed. If I flip it over, we can take a look at how it's going to operate. We'll have this little handle portion here. That's what's actually going to raise up the cover, so when it's installed, you'll push that up, and that'll raise the vent up as well. It's a little harder to do with it not actually installed.

Push that up. There we go. Now, our cover pops up and that allows air in and out, and then our fan can also operate. It has a little button to power that on and off. Turn my power source on here, and now, our fan will kick on.So, even though this is fairly small, it still puts out a good amount of air to circulate our trailer, keep it nice and cool in the summer, let out any odors or anything like that.

And flip our switch again and it comes to a stop.This has a fan power of 12-volt DC, with 100 CFM. So, it's going to take a very low demand on our battery. It only draw an amp and a half, yet it still moves that 100 CFM, or cubic feet per minute. So, it's a pretty good amount of air that's going to be moving in and out of our trailer.The cover on the top is translucent. It's a little hard to tell on camera, but it does allow some light through.

It's pretty quiet operation. Again, if we pop our sleeve off, we'll be able to sit that fits that 6 1/4-inch diameter. It doesn't come with any hardware or sealant, so you will have to pick that up on your own, but we do have a kit to get that installed. That installation kit is RVIKIT100. You can find that here at

That's going to give you all the screws and sealer to install that vent in place.Whenever we have this installed, it's going to extend above the roof by 3 1/2 inches when opened, and then when closed. Pull that back down. When closed, it only stands up about 2 3/8 inches. Does come with our shroud there to cover up the hardware. Just need to line it up with the wiring opening. We only need to connect it to power and ground to get everything connected there. So, we'll have our two wires; black for power, white for ground. You'll also need to pick up some butt connectors for that. I would suggest using some heat-shrink butt connectors, just to make sure you have a nice watertight seal on those. The cover is kind of a smoke color, sort of a darker. almost a dark green. And it does come with a one-year warranty from Ventline.And that's going to do it for our look at the Ventline VanAir Trailer Roof Vent.

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Lamonte L.

I like your first choice with the fan. I’ll call in the morning and order the exhaust fan and the trim kit. Do you sell solar panels?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

Great, to order the fan call 1-800-298-8924. They can also get you started with solar panels. I have placed a link to several articles that will help you get started with solar power.

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