Ventmate RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - 61628 Review

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Review of Ventmate Enclosed Trailer Parts 61628

Today we are going to show you the Vent Cover for Jensen Trailer Roof, part number 61628. This is designed to fit 14" by 14" plastic frame vents. Its easy to install and operate when you have to replace your vent cover. It utilizes a hinge system that uses two smaller teeth on the outside and two larger teeth on the inside. It also includes new mounting hardware so you can quickly and easily make the switch. And that does it for the Vent Cover for Jensen Trailer Roofs, part number 61628.


Questions and Comments about this Video

Andrea A.

Is part # 61628 the same as the 63110? They look exactly the same, and I ordered 63110 and can not get it to close all the way.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The Ventmate 63110 is the same as this part # 61628 . Is there a specific part that is keeping the lid from closing all the way?