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Voyager RV Camera WVCMS130AP Review

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Review of Voyager RV Electronics WVCMS130AP

Today we're going to be taking a look at a Voyager Camera with Wireless Pairing. This camera simply allows you to see areas that you couldn't see otherwise. This camera would be a great addition to your RV, your motor home, or standard vehicle. It does features wireless connectivity. This means that the camera and monitor connect to one another wirelessly. The camera does have wires coming from it. As you can see here, there is a wiring harness.

These are the wires that are necessary to run power to the camera, so you do not have to run wires all the way from your monitor to the camera. That part of the unit is wireless. It's got the antenna right here that threads into the top of the housing. This offers long distance transmission and receiving capability. Now, your wireless monitor is sold separately, so that's not included with this part number. The camera itself features a high performance CMOS sensor, offers really nice color optics. The unit also features infrared LEDs for low light enhancement.

This is that night vision capability. It makes it easier to see at night or in low light conditions. It's going to feature a total of 14 LEDs as you can see right here on the front face. The camera does feature a waterproof design with an IP69K rating. It's going to feature 130-degree wide-angle view. It's going to provide blind zone visibility and improved depth of field.

Also, located at the front of the camera and at the bottom, there's going to be a small little hole. I know it's hard to see on camera, but this does have a built-in microphone. This allows you to hear what's going on at the back of your RV, motor home, or vehicle, or wherever you have the camera placed. The housing, the construction is a durable corrosion resistant aluminum housing that's black in color. The aluminum construction as well as the nice finishing is going to protect the housing from rust and corrosion. The included bracket can be oriented in the position I have it.

It can also be rotated to the back of the unit, so you can really orient the camera inside the bracket in a variety of ways. This is just a really common way to mount it. I just wanted to show you simply that the bracket is included and that the hardware to get the bracket attached to the camera is included as well. You're also going to get some mounting hardware for the unit also with this kit. It's a nice design. You're going to get the included tool, which is for this set of hardware here and this set of hardware here. It's a really nice design, nice small compact unit. Again, it does come with hardware to get the bracket attached to the camera and to get the bracket installed on your application. Now, I do want to point out that the camera can be adjusted within the bracket, so it's not only able to be mounted onto the bracket in a variety of ways, but you can change the angle. That way, you can get the angle that's best for your application. The wiring harness that's provided with the kit is the necessary wiring to get power to the camera. It's going to feature a waterproof connector on it, and then you're going to have two wires at the end. You'll have a red wire and a black wire. Red wire's for power, black's for ground. They're also going to come with butt connectors already attached to it. It's going to come with a grommet. This is to seal through the vehicle's exterior, so it's going to keep the elements out of the inside of the vehicle, the RV, or the motor home. The grommet's included, also comes with detailed installation instructions to help walk you through the entire process step by step. Few measurements to go over with you real quick. Starting with just the overall measurement. Going edge to edge not including the hardware, so just measuring the bracket it's going to be about 3" wide. In this orientation, it gives us a height measurement of about 3-3/8" tall. Now, that will vary depending on how you have your camera installed and how you have your bracket oriented. Again, in this orientation, it's going to give us a depth of about 2-3/8 to 2-1/2" deep, and that will change too depending on how you have it installed. The bracket itself is going to give us a width measurement of 1-1/4". Going this direction is about 3". That's going to do it for today's look at the Voyager Camera with Wireless Pairing.