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Wagan 12V Power Accessories - Power Inverter - WC2600 Review

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Review of Wagan 12V Power Accessories WC2600

Today, we're going to review part number WC2600, this is the Wagan Elite 200 Watt PRO Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with the USB Power Port. Now, an inverter is designed to convert DC power to AC power for a wide range of AC-powered appliances. This Wagan inverter is powered from a 12 volt DC and will continuously deliver 200 watts and even 400 watts momentary peak AC power at 120 volts, 60 Hertz. The surge capability of the 400 watts allows this inverter to start even more difficult motorized appliances. Now, this Wagan inverter operates at a high efficiency up to 90%, and that result in a long run time and extended battery life compared to other inverters with this level of power output. Now, most vehicle accessory sockets that are controlled through a vehicle's ignition switch are fused at 15 amps, and therefore this limits the inverter output to about 180 watts. This inverter here has an external fuse of 25 amps and that switch will allow us to do the higher 200 watts. Now, this is also a pure sine wave inverter, and it delivers a pure sine wave AC power which is identical to that of commercial power. You can use this inverter to power AC appliances in your vehicle or off-grid backup power systems.

A pure sine wave AC means that your sensitive electronics, such as audio/video systems, computers, and communications equipment will operate properly. Furthermore, appliances with motors will operate cooler, quieter, and more efficiently when they are powered by the sine wave AC power. This does have on the end here, you can see, the 220 volt AC outlets. Has right underneath the on/off switch, a versatile USB port, which is 5 volts at 2.1 amps. It will charge and power most USB devices. This inverter does include integrated overload safety protection. It comes with this cable which has a 12 volt accessory plug adapter that plugs into your 12 volt power outlet, and it does come with a nice booklet of instructions on how to use it. Now, just to go over a few specs on this.

The output waveform again is pure sine wave. The input voltage is 12 volt DC. The output is 120 volt AC at 60 Hertz. The TrueRated Power is 200 watts, and again we mentioned the surge power is 400 watts. It does have a maximum efficiency of 90%. It does include a battery low alarm which is 10.5 volts and a battery low shutdown at 9.5 volts, has a high voltage shutdown at 15.5 volts.

Does use a cooling fan which is thermally controlled, and again it has the two AC output sockets. The USB port which is 5 volts at 2.1 amps has the power switch with a AC output on/off control, and again we mentioned has the external replaceable fuse with 25 amps. Give you a few dimensions on this. The width of this is going to be 6-1/4 and the length is about 4-1/4, and the overall height on this is about 2 inches. Now, basically what you'll do with your cord for your 12 volt, which you'll see on this side has a red positive, black negative. Just match the color up on your cord.

Go ahead and plug them in, and then you just unwrap your length of cord, plug this into your 12 volt power outlet. Then on this side, you'll see has an on/off switch, and right above this switch, there is a green light and a red light. The green is an LED light that will come on to show you that there is power. If the red light ever comes on, that's a fault light, and when that comes on, you want to shut it down because that just means it's either getting overloaded or underloaded or any dangerous function, and then again you'll see it has its mounting brackets if you want to attach it down permanently. That should do it for the review on part number WC2600, a Wagan Elite 200 Watt PRO Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with the USB Power Port. .