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Wagan 12V Power Accessories - Power Inverter - WC3720 Review

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Review of Wagan 12V Power Accessories WC3720

Today we're going to taking a look at the Slim Line 12 Volt 1,000 Watt Power Inverter. This compact 1,000 watt AC power inverter lets you use your vehicle's electricity to run your household appliances. It's going to features three standard AC outlets and two USB ports. It's going to feature power and fault LEDs, and it's going to feature internal fans that prevent the unit from overheating. Again, this is going to convert 12 volt DC power from your vehicle to 115 volt AC power for appliances. It's 1,000 watts of continuous true rated power, 2,500 watt surge power.

Again, when it comes to the power options you're going to have three standard 115 volt three prong outlets, two 5 volt three amp shared USB ports. The unit's going to feature some built in safety features. It's going to feature auto reset short circuit protection. It's going to feature overload protection. Overload shutoff is at 15 volts. It's going to feature low voltage alarm and shutdown.

Alarm will sound at 10.5 volts plus or minus .5 volts, and shutdown at 9.5 volts plus or minus .5 volts. Cooling fan is a really nice design as well. That's what these vents are right here, so it's got an internal cooling fans to prevent overheating. The unit's going to feature the 3 foot long DC cables, those are black and red. Black is going to indicate negative, red is going to indicate positive.

Also, when it comes to over-voltage shutoff, that's going to have an over-voltage shutoff at 15 volts. Again, the unit does feature some really nice safety features that are built in. Makes this power inverter a really, really nice design. Again, the cables are 3 feet long. You're going to have your positive and negative terminals located right here. You're also going to have your ground terminal, and you're going to have the high speed cooling fans, and then you're going to have the vents on the bottom that allows heat to go out as well.

Now, the current draw with no load is 1 amp. Output is 115 to 125 volts. Frequency is 60 hertz, plus or minus 1 hertz. The unit itself only weighs 3 pounds. Taking a look at the overall dimensions, you will notice it has a bracket attached to it so that way you can permanently mount it if you want to. I took a measurement from edge to edge, so from the edge of this bracket to the edge of the positive and negative posts, and that's going to give us an overall length measurement of right around 10 inches long. Measuring side to side going this direction, that's going to give us a measurement of about 5 3/16 of an inch, and then the overall height is only about 2 1/2 inches tall. Measuring from the edge of the bracket on one side to the edge of the bracket on the other, that's going to give us a measurement of about 9 1/2 inches. The mount holes center on center across are separated by 8 15/16 of an inch, center on center up and down are separated on center by 3 5/8 of an inch. Now, please note that if the number of watts required for your electronic device, if that's not listed on the item itself, the number of watts can be determined by multiplying the number of amps by the number of volts, so amps times volts equals your wattage. You're going to have your power on and off. You're going to have your power indicator, your fault indicator or overload indicator. You're going to have your USB ports, your three standard outlets. On this side you're going to have your negative input terminal, positive input terminal, ground terminal, and high speed cooling fans. That's going to do it for today's look at the Slim Line 12 Volt 1,000 Watt Power Inverter.

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