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Warner Brake Controller - Proportional Controller - 1300-80 Review

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Review of Warner Brake Controller 1300-80

Today we're going to review part number 1300-80. This is the Warner electric air or manual utility brake controller. Now this Warner air utility brake controller will work on your truck or your tractor that has air brakes. That's towing a trailer with electric brakes. This will allow the trailer to brake proportionately with the tow vehicle's air brake system. It is designed to work on one to four axles, which is two to eight brake assemblies on the trailer.

Has a manual override right over here. This will operate the trailer brakes only. Now this controller is not compatible with electric over hydraulic trailer braking systems. If you'll notice a few parts on it, right over here is your air connection for your air brakes. Right up here is an adjustment knob. This will balance the towing vehicle's brakes with the trailer brakes.

It's labeled up here. If you turn it clockwise it will say more, and if you turn it counterclockwise it will be less. That just depends on how much braking you send to the trailer. The control lever right here is the manual control lever. Any time you push down on this, as you can see, it moves the knob on top so that will give you .. if you need to manually apply the brakes for the trailer.

At the very bottom you'll see there's three wires coming out. These are your connection wires, black, a blue, and a red. Now also when you connect you will need to usually contact the air brake system manufacturer to get the proper three-way tease 01:36 tubing and double check that you sometimes need it for hooking this to your air brake system on your truck or your tractor. Now also on this brake controller in addition to connecting to the air brake system, the three wires I had mentioned that are on the bottom here need to be connected. Basically the blue wire right here, this will go to the rear of the tow vehicle and attach to the brake controller circuit of your vehicle's trailer connector. The black wire, this will need to attach to a 12-volt power source. The red wire will need to attach to the output side of the truck or tractor's stoplight switch.

Once that's all hooked up and your air line is connected, then you'll be able to use this utility brake controller. That should do it for the review on part number 1300-80, the Warner electric air or manual utility brake controller. .