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WeatherTech Mud Flaps - Custom Fit - WT120074 Review

Ellen: Hey everybody. I'm Ellen here at, and we're going to be taking a quick look at the WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Flaps for the rear of your vehicle. These are a custom fit, and the really nice thing about them is, as the name suggests, they're a no-drill application, so they should just bolt right on in minutes. Really easy to install, and they fit right along with that contour of your fender to give you a nice factory look. And that's going to help to protect your vehicles or anything that you're towing behind you from things like rocks and mud getting slung up, causing any damage to those other items or other drivers, so it keeps everybody protected and also helps keep your truck a little bit cleaner, as well.These are going to come with one for either side, and it also does come with the hardware to get those installed. We're going to get some machine screws, fender washers, and the Ford Tinnerman clips, so just these little clips that kind of create a nut for that bolt for the screws to go into.

And then there's also a little protective film to go on the edge as well, to help protect the inside edge of your vehicle, so there shouldn't be any kind of modification to the metal portion of your truck.Now these do fit the Ford F-350 and 450. That's going to be the Super Duty dually from 2017 to the current year model, and that's with or without the factory add-on fender flares. Again, that contour should just go right along with the edge of that fender. A couple holes in there, that's going to allow our hardware to go through. It's a nice, molded thermo-plastic resin that these are made out of, so it has a little bit of flex, but it's still pretty rigid, so it's going to keep its shape and also can take things knocking against this without it flying up and allowing things to pass by.These measure about 10 inches down from that mounting point.

I'll turn that to the side so you can see it a little better. You're adding on or lengthening down by about 10 inches to help protect any of your vehicle or anything that you're towing behind you, and also, again, other vehicles out on the road. I will say, though, some customers who put these on the 450, since they sit pretty high, they've said that these look really good, and they do a pretty good job, but they don't cover everything. There's still some chance that rocks will come up and hit your travel trailer or something like that, or a fifth-wheel trailer.If that's the case, you want something that's going to really come out and protect from anything coming up and hitting what you're towing behind you, you might consider getting some mudflaps that are a little bit bigger than these guys. These will do a good job of protecting from mud and things like that, but again, they just don't extend down as far as some other items.

The thing I'm thinking of is maybe the Rock Tamers. Those are mudflaps that come out a bit further than these, a little further than your vehicle, and they also hang down pretty far, almost right to the ground. That usually can mount around a ball mount on the back of your hitch. If that's something you want to look into, we do have that available here at think these guys are a great addition. You can use both if you want.

That way you're doubling up. And these really do look factory made, so they kind of add that look to your truck, and again, will help to protect somewhat. But if you really want to cover all the bases, that's another thing that I would consider looking into.I hope this has been helpful in deciding if these are going to be the right solution for you. Again, I'm Ellen here at Thanks for watching.

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