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Weigh Safe Ball Mounts - Adjustable Ball Mount - WS6-2 Review

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Review of Weigh SAFE Ball Mounts WS6-2

Today we're going to review part number WS6-2. This is the way safe 2-ball mount with the built-in tongue weight scale designed for a 2-inch hitch. It gives a 6-inch drop or a 7-inch rise and has a 10,000 pound weight capacity. Now this ball mount with the included hitch ball will let you hook your trailer to your tow vehicle. The shank right here will slide into your hitch receiver. The ball provides a connection point for your trailer coupler.

It's nice here on the side of the platform. It's a tongue weight scale that's built in. This will help you balance your trailer out, promotes safe towing because it let's you know if your load needs to be adjusted even before you tow. It's a very simple operation. It automatically provides a measurement every time you couple your trailer to your ball mount.

It's very efficient, hassle free. Eliminates the need for separate or commercial scales. This also offers a stowable design. You can take this ball mount, unlock it with the pins, swing it back under here and store it underneath the vehicle. Basically this will keep the ball mount from sticking out, keeps it stored underneath when you're not towing with it. Now the adjustable height. You see all these holes here so you can slide it up or down, lets you tow trailers of different heights with the same vehicle.

The slide ball mount goes up and down the shank, secures in place with the included dual locking pins. Now it does include the 2 keys that you unlock the pins with and includes the 2-inch hitch ball. I already have a 2 and 5/16s install on the ball mount. Now the 2 different size hitch balls, that'll let you tow trailers with different coupler sizes and again I'm gonna show you have to switch the balls out. It's pretty simple to do. This is all made of rust-proof aluminum shank and mounting platform.

Gives superior strength and durability. The hitch balls are stainless steel hitch balls which are corrosion resistant. Now a hitch pin and clip that's needed to attach it to your hitch receiver, those are sold separately or you can use the ones you already have. This part is made in the USA. Now the application for this again is 2 inch by 2 inch trailer hitch receivers. Gross towing weight capacity of this is 10,000 pounds. The tongue weight capacity, and the scale goes up to that high, is 1500 pounds. Give you a few measurements. I'm gonna give you the measurements of the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the ball. So to do that, I'm gonna hold a ruler on the center of the ball and then the hitch pin hole closest to the ball center to center, turn this around, it's gonna be right at 8 and 1/2 inches. And then the measurement from the pin hole farthest from the ball center to center is 9 and 3/4 inches. Now the maximum drop, I have this platform in the maximum drop. That'll be measured from the top of the ball platform to the top of the shank here. So again if we just hold a ruler on it and we measure up, give you that 6 inches maximum drop. And the rise, now of course what we'll do is go ahead and, I'm going remove this just to put it in the right position. So if you want to change this and use it in the rise position. So that would be the maximum rise. You measure from the top of the shank here to the top of the ball platform. I hold the ruler right there and that would give you 7 inch maximum drop. Now each hole here center to center is an inch height adjustment so you can go up as much as you want an inch each time from center to center of the height adjustment holes. On the scale, it goes up to 1500 pounds and each notch on it is 100-pound increments. It does come with a limited lifetime warranty. So now what I'm gonna show you again is to remove, we've got this at the rise position and we want to put it into the drop position. So what you do is you take your key, it's a tubular key, and it's in the lock position now so the pins aren't coming out. So you put your key in, you just turn it 90 degrees and that key will stay in when it's unlocked. So you just pull this out and you can see there's your lock and your dual pin and then you just slide this off and then what you can do is turn this over and you want to put it in the drop position so just line it up with the lower holes, take your dual pins, line it up with the lower holes, then push it in and then just turn it 90 degrees and it locks it into place. And now you have it in the drop position. Now the next thing I want to show you is how to, you want to switch out to a 2-inch ball. You have a 2 5/16s so same way. We're gonna remove it, unlock it, twist this 90 degrees, pull out the dual pin. Okay and remove the shank and then what you'll notice in the ball mount platform there's a little cutout here and there's a ring in there that's on the end of the pin. What you'll do is just pull this ring and then pull the pin right out, it has a little ball bearing on the end and you just pop your ball out, switch it to the 2-inch, line this hole up with the hole right there, put your pin in, push it in far enough, just like that to where that ring goes in that indentation, doesn't get in the way of your sliding. Now you have your 2-inch ball and then just put that on there, line your holes up, yep there you go, lock it and then you're ready to go. Pretty simple to do and then again you'll be able to read once you put your weight on here you'll be able to read what the tongue weight is and it'll be able to tell you if you need to modify the weight in the trailer. But that should do it on part number WS6-2. This is the way safe 2-ball mount with the built-in tongue weight scale for a 2-inch hitch, has a 6-inch drop or a 7-inch rise and a 10,000 pound weight capacity. .