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Yakima Roof Rack - Crossbars - Y00421 Review

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Review of Yakima Roof Rack Y00421

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima CoreBar Crossbars. These are arrow-style steel crossbars that's going to let you mount clamp-on carriers and accessories on the roof of your vehicle. You and pair these with Yakima towers and a fit kit to create a complete roof rack system. Those items are sold separately, so if you need to equip your vehicle with those items, you can check out your options here at These bars are very unique. They're going to have an aerodynamic jet-flow design that's going to create a quite roof rack system, and they're going to feature a tear-drop shape. That's going to control air flow, which is going to significantly reduce wind noise and vibration.

These are arrow-style bars. These are going to reduce drag, which is going to help maintain your vehicle's fuel efficiency. These are also full length crossbars, so what that does is it simply maximizes the amount of space that you have on your vehicle for your carriers and for your accessories. These bars are designed to work with most bike, water, snow, and cargo carriers that have a universal mount design. The most unique thing about these arrow-style bars is that they are made from a galvanized steel construction, so they're going to be extremely strong, and they're going to be an extremely durable design.

That steel construction is roll formed. Over the steel we're going to have a nice black vinyl coating. That's going to enhance the look of your vehicle as well as your roof rack system, and it's going to help resist rust and corrosion, making sure these bars last for a really, really long time. The unit's going to come with the included end caps. These are going to give the bar a nice, finished, clean look, and it's going to prevent water and debris from getting inside the bars. What I want to do for you real quick, is I want to go ahead and remove the end caps off of one of these bars.

That way we can get a really nice look at the internal construction. You can see the steel construction, and the arrow design with that tear-drop shape. Here you can see that it's going to be that galvanized steel construction, and it's going to have that nice layer of vinyl coating going around the bar, arrow design, and then here at the back we have that nice tear-drop shape. That's going help reduce the amount of wind noise, reduce the amount of drag, overall it's going to make for a nice, strong, durable, dependable, and quiet roof rack system for our vehicle. Now, I'm going to go ahead and take a look at the measurements of the bars. If we take a look at the width, we can see that that's going to give us a width measurement of about 2 3/4 of an inch.

We take a look at the height measurement. We can see that that's going to give us a height at the thickest point of about 1 inch. When it comes to the length, these bars are available in 50 inch, 60 inch, 70 inch, and 80 inch lengths, and these bars are going to be covered with a limited lifetime warranty. These are designed to fit BaseLine, RidgeLine, SkyLine, and TimberLine towers from Yakima. Those are sold separately. It's also designed to be an easy installation. What Yakima does, is with the purchase of the bars, they're going to include these brackets right here; two-piece design. These are going to work with all of the towers that I mentioned earlier. Again, they're designed to fit your BaseLine, RidgeLine, SkyLine, and TimberLine towers. That's going to do it for today's look at the Yakima CoreBar Crossbars.

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