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etrailer Trailer Jack M1230 Review

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Review of etrailer Accessories and Parts M1230

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the 12 volt DC motor for landing gear. This 12 volt electric gear motor is going to power your etrailer or Ram landing gear. Part number RVLG-8000. That landing gear is sold separately. This is going to covert your manual landing gear to electric power, and it can be used to replace an old or worn out motor. Pretty simple installation. It's going to feature this connection point right here and the two mounting locations.

These are going to be the connections points that mounts this to the gear box. Your gear box is not included, but it's going to look something like this. That pin would line up right there with the receiver portion on the motor and then the gear box is going to have these indentions that are going to line up with the mounting points right here on the motor. Inside the gear box are going to be threaded connectors that are going to receive the ends of the included hardware. You'd place that through and once you get it snug, you go ahead and tighten up the bolts that's included with the motor and that will thread into the gear box and that's going to bring these two pieces together which is going to make it feel like one solid piece.

Again, the gear box is not included, so that does need to be provided separately. The power consumption is going to be around 30 amps for this motor. Again, mounting hardware is included. That's going to have two bolts. It's also going to have your black and red wires, so this is going to connect to the landing gear control switch. The control switch would connect to the battery.

The control switch is going to be the unit that retracts or extends the landing gear. When it comes to the measurements of the motor, it's going to give us an overall length measurement from end to end of about 8 1/2 inches long. Measuring this direction, we're looking at about 3 3/8 of an inch. Going this direction, edge to edge, we're looking at a measurement of about 4 inches. These mount holes are going to be separated on center apart from one another by 4 1/8 of an inch. That's going to do it for today's look on the 12 volt DC motor for landing gear..