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Review of etrailer Cable Locks - Utility Lock - E98891

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etrailer Cable Locks - Utility Lock - E98891 Review

Today, we'll be taking a look the 10 inch long cable lock. A cable lock can be used for just about anything that you'd want a lock out there, whether that's a bike rack, your bike whenever you go into a shop or a store somewhere to get some items, cargo on a cargo carrier, really anything you can fit this guy around, you're going to be able to lock it up. The nice thing about this is that it's a heavy duty steel cable. That's coated with a nice plastic coating so it's going to not only protect your items from getting scratched or rubbed by that braided cable but it's also going to keep this from rusting out and keep any rust from getting onto your items, whether that's your bike rack or your cargo carrier or whatever the case may be. And it's going to stay looking nice for a long time.Now the cable measures 10 feet long and that's before we get to the cylinder lock it's made of, again, that five sixteenths diameter cable. Our lock is covered by a little dust cover so we don't have to worry about any dirt, debris or water getting in there and causing issues with the lock.

No ice could get in there and freeze over so it should last for a long time. The way this works is whenever we go to unlock it, it's a threaded bolt in there. So you put the key in and then you unthread that bolt or loosen that bolt on the inside. And that's what will let our lock come free. Be able to see that on the inside there, it's just a little bolt that holds the lock in place.

And then we can take our two pieces apart. It's pretty nice and pliable but still strong enough to hold your items in place.Of course, anytime you have a lock system, this is just a deterrent. If somebody is really determined to get your stuff, they can always clip this with some bolt cutters and take your stuff anyway. So always use good, common sense whenever you lock anything with a cable lock or anything else since if a lock is really just a deterrent and a way to keep honest people honest. But I think as far as cable locks go, this is a pretty nice one.

It's pretty easy to use. The threaded portion of the lock is a little weird to use at first, just because you have to get that bolt lined up. And when I first got my hands on it, I was like, "Why isn't it coming apart" But once you get that threaded on there, we'll talk about it a little bit more.That's one issue that I'm having right now is just getting that bolt to thread back into place. There we go. See this sit down all the way flush and then it'll tighten down.

And something else that I noticed is that when you get it all the way tight, so now it's turning the whole cable. The key doesn't want to come out, you have to back it out just a tiny bit and then you can pull that key out. But now there's a little bit of play in that lock. It's still locked. It's not going anywhere, but it's not as solid as whenever you turn it the full way with the key but then you can't get the key out. So just something I noticed when I was playing around with this. Overall, I think it's going to do the job. It'll keep your items locked.You can use it in all kinds of weather. Since we have our little cover over the lock cylinder, we don't have to worry about again, ice or snow getting in there. It's able to stay out in the rain. We don't have to worry about any rust, so it can handle those extreme environments. It is made in the USA and you can get multiple locks with the same key core. So if you want to have a couple of these, we only want to have one set of keys. You can order those with keyed alike locks. Where to do that would be to go to and look at the product page for this and then go to the drop down menu from there. But all in all, that's going to do it for our look at the 10 foot long cable lock..

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