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etrailer Tow Bar - Hitch Mount Style - e67ZR Review

Jeff: Hello everybody, this is Jeff 00:00:02 at Today we're going to take a look at this etrailer XHD two inch RV mount non-binding tow bar for Blue Ox base plates. Has a 10,500 pound gross towing weight capacity. Now this tow bar will let you tow your vehicle safely and securely behind your motor-home. This portion here is what will slide into your two inch trailer hitch receiver on your RV. So there's no ball Mount necessary.

If you notice also on this shank here, there's two hitch pin holes that are about two inches apart. Allows for you to position the tow bar either closer to or further from your RV, depending on your application, without sacrificing any load capacity.You notice the pin and clip right here. That's included. That'll secure it to your hitch. Also there's no need for any high-low adapter on most setups because this adjustable head will tilt up or down three inches to keep the tow bar parallel with the road during towing.

And the shank we mentioned, if you noticed, has a built in one and a half inch drop, or if you flip it around, one and a half inch rise and that'll even give you additional height adjustability. The arms on this tow bar, they are telescoping self-supporting arms, which makes for fast, easy hookup.A main feature of this tow bar is the self-supporting arms. And that's because that allows them. They won't fall to the ground when they're unfolded. On some of your tow bar systems, it requires that you try to balance both of the arms at the same time while trying to hook them up.

With this one, you can do one at a time. And just to show what they mean by self-supporting, is if you lift it up, it'll stay in that position. Go down a little bit, stays like that. Or if you lift it up again, it'll stay wherever you let go of it. So that's a nice feature to help you when you're hooking up.Also these arms have full articulation, which allows for unlimited spread to fit your application.

This bar could actually go all the way out to here, this one all the way out to here. So about 180 degrees. Both these can open up. It is a self-aligning design. You just hook up and then drive your RV forward. And then what'll happen is the stainless steel in our arms right here. They extend into a rigid tow-ready position. And when you get far enough, you can hear them lock into place and you're ready to go.They are a non-binding design. So basically it allows you to easily release your vehicle even on unlevel ground. This trigger release right here, there's one on each arm. You just push that down to release it, and the arms will activate, even when they're under pressure. So if you're unlevel and there is under pressure on one arm, when you push that, it'll activate the arm. Nice feature. Also if you notice on these arms, they have these integrated cable mounting clips, which will keep your included safety cables off the ground. Prevents dragging. And if you notice the cables they include have a nice final coating on them to protect them. And on the end of each cable is this nice large steel S hook, with spring loaded latches for added security.You might see this rod here on this arm. This is a built-in storage rod. It'll keep your coiled electrical cord in place off the ground. Now the electrical cord is not included. You would have to supply that. When you plug it in, it'll be coiled and it hangs down. Could drag. What you want to do is pull this clip, put the extra coils on this rod, clip it back in place and it'll keep them from hanging down.This tow bar also offers a simple, secure storage alongside your motorhome. Now arms can be folded together and then swung to the left and they lock in place in these holes right here. swung to the right, either way they lock in place. Or as I mentioned, you can spread them all the way open and they'll lock in place. This does have a nice e-coat finish on. It provides corrosion resistance. It is made in the USA.This tow bar part number works with the Blue Ox base plates. You can see it includes these Blue Ox adapters and the hardware. Application again is two inch by two inch trailer hitch receivers. Weight capacity on this tow bar is 10,500 pounds. Now one note I do want to mention. Excuse me. When you look at the etrailer tow bars, we have an SD model which is about 6,000 pounds, and the XHD which is 10,500 pounds. And they do look similar, almost exactly alike, but the XHD the higher capacity one. Reason they're higher capacity, is if you look at these stainless steel inner arms, they are a lot larger diameter. So that gives you the extra capacity.Now the weight on this tow bar itself is 46 pounds. A few measurements I want to give you. The arm length, in other words if we put these arms together, you have a straight line here. If you measure from the center of this hitch pin hole at the end of the shank to the center of the base plate pinhole, when these arms are retracted, like they are now it'll measure 39 and a quarter inches. If we extend those arms, if you measure from there to that hole, it'll be 51 and three quarter inches. And then the last couple of measurements I want to give you is the distance from this hitch pin hole at the end of the shank to the beginning of where it rises or drops. That measurement is about five and a half inches. Distance from that same hitch pin hole at the end of the shank to this vertical bolt that's in the head, is 12 and a half inches.Now the last thing I want to mention is, it does come with this operator's manual that'll describe how everything goes together and how all the parts operate. But that should do it for the review on this etrailer XHD two inch RV Mount non-binding tow bar for the Blue Ox base plates, with a 10,500 pound gross towing weight capacity.

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