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etrailer Trailer Hubs and Drums - Hub with Integrated Drum - AKHD-545-35-G-K Review

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Review of etrailer Trailer Hubs and Drums AKHD-545-35-G-K

Today, we're going to take a look at the 10 inch galvanized trailer hub and drum assembly for 3500 pound axle, with the 5 on 4 and a half inch bolt pattern. This hub and drum assembly will include everything shown here. It includes the hub and drum, itself. It includes the bearing races, which are pre-installed in the hub. You can see the outer bearing race right there. If we spin it around, the inner bearing race, right in there.

Comes with the bearings, both the inner, outer bearings. Comes with the grease seal, the grease cap, and then the 5 lug nuts. This hub and drum is designed to work with both electric and hydraulic brakes. Has a galvanized finish on the outside of it, and this is for corrosion resistance. A lot of the galvanized finishes used in marine applications. The application on this is for 3500 pound axles.

The bolt pattern is a 5 on 4 and a half inch bolt pattern, and the drum dimension, when they talk about brake assemblies, usually, you'll say 10 inch by 2 and a quarter. The way they measure that, the 10 inch would be the inside diameter. If I take a ruler, go straight across, you'll see 10 inches. Then, the 2 and a quarter would actually be the width, right here. If we put the ruler on that, you can see right at 2 and a quarter.

10 by 2 and a quarter inch drum dimension. The inner bearing, which is this larger bearing, right here, they use as a part number L68149. That's stamped on the bearing. The inside diameter of this is 1.378, and that would go right on the inner bearing race, just like that. Then, you have your grease seal. It has an overall diameter of 2.565.

That would go right in there, and tap into place. The outer bearing, it's part number L44649, that's the smaller one, goes on the outer bearing race, right here. Then, the zinc plated grease cap has a flange diameter 1.988. That would tap right in, just like that. On this video, I'm just showing you where the parts go, in relation to the hub and drum. Definitely, when you go to install these, you will have to pack the bearings with grease, and then install them. It does come with the 5 half inch by 20 size lug nuts. Those are used to hold your wheel and tire assembly to the brake drum. Basically, once you put your wheel and tire assembly up on the studs, take your half inch lug nuts, go ahead and tighten it down, or torque it to specs for your application. That should do it for the review of the 10 inch galvanized trailer hub and drum assembly for 3500 pound axles, with the 5 on 4 and a half inch bolt pattern.

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