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Review of etrailer Trailer Locks - Coupler Locks - E98890

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etrailer Trailer Locks - Coupler Locks - E98890 Review

Today I'm going to take a look at the Stainless Steel Trailer Coupler Lock with the 7/8 inch span. Now this part will include the lock itself and the two keys. Now this coupler lock is designed to fit the trigger style couplers that have a 1/2 inch diameter hole and I wanted to show you what one of those would like so I pulled one here. And this is your trigger style latch coupler and the hole right her is a 1/4 inch diameter and that's where your lock would go through. I am going to demonstrate how the lock installs on this in a minute.Now this will help prevent the coupler from releasing from the hitch ball while your trailer's in tow and it'll also help prevent someone from attaching to an unattended trailer and towing it away. A few specs on this lock.

The pin diameter is a 1/4 of an inch. The inside span width is going to be right at 7/8 of an inch and the overall length of the whole lock end to end is right at 4 and half inches long.Now it is a flush locking design you can see here. This does use a stainless steel pin and lock housing to help maximize rust resistance and if you notice, has a rubber cover that goes over the lock cylinder. That's to help prevent any dirt or grime from getting in there and causing corrosion. And you'll notice on the other end, it has a nice rubber grip on it to help when installing your lock.

And I'm going to demonstrate that now.So here's our coupler and when you go to your coupler when you insert this to install it onto your hitch ball, what you'll do is lift open this latch, then drop it onto your hitch ball, close the latch and it'll keep it attached to your hitch ball, but anybody could come along and just open that latch and detach it. Or if it's not attached, your trailer could be sitting there and they could just open it up, hook it to their hitch ball and tow it away. So what this lock will do is prevent any of that and what you do is just to install it, put your key in there and to unlock it, you can see, you can just twist it, because it's threaded on. You can twist the key or you can hold the key and then if you just twist the rubber portion, it will unscrew very quickly. So either way, whichever is easiest for you.Then what you'll do is take the pin portion, slide it through the hole all the way, put your lock on that end and again, hold the key and twist this or turn the key, whichever you prefer and then once it's tightened down, take your key out, put your cover on and your locks in there and you can see, keeps anybody from opening the latch.

The latch cannot be opened, so they won't be able to remove it from the ball or attach it to their ball.And to remove it, it's pretty simple to do. Just put the key on there and then again, just start unthreading it or take this one and spin it off. Very quick and easy to remove. Now you can order multiple locks that are keyed alike. If you need like four or five of these, you can use the same key so you don't have multiple keys.

All you have to do is just simply select the keyed alike option from the dropdown menu that's on the product page of this part number and then just enter the number of locks needed into the quantity box.But that should do it for the review on the Stainless Steel Trailer Coupler Lock with the 7/8 inch span.

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