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Review of etrailer Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chock - 288-02011

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etrailer Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chock - 288-02011 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen, here at Today, we're taking a look at the etrailer Wheel Chock. This is going to be an easy way to make sure that your trailer or your RV or fifth wheel trailer stays in place and it doesn't roll away on you, especially if you're doing any kind of maintenance or staying secure in a spot for awhile. This is going to have a nice ribbed texture to the bottom so we'll be able to have some traction there to hold against concrete or gravel or wherever we might be. Then our surface here that our wheel is actually going to rest against has this sort of tread surface.

So, that's going to give us some more stability so we don't worry about slipping or rolling inside there. It'll catch on the treads of our wheels. And then we'll have a little cutout at the back that acts as a handle so you can easily put that in place.There's also a molded hole going all the way through, so you can run a rope through there if you want to have an easy way to remove it and store it out of the way. Of course, you will have to supply your own rope, it doesn't come with one. It's made of a high impact polyurethane.

So, it's going to hold up to a lot of weight. There's just ever so slightly a little bit of give to this, which I kind of like, it's going to not cause any damage to our wheels, but it's going to resist any kind of scuffs or abrasions since it does have that just ever so slight give to it.It's got a nice, bright, orange color, so it's easy to spot. Easy to see that it's in place. It's not going to fade into our tire like some of the other chalks out there that are black that are hard to see that they're in place. If you glance at your trailer you'll be able to see that it's still in place there.

So, this does come as a single chalk, but you can also get this as a pair if you use part number 288-02011-2. And that is just a second one that comes with it. You can find that here at As far as dimensions, it's about seven inches wide and then about eight inches long and about six inches tall. It does come with a one-year limited warranty.

And that's going to do it for our look at the etrailer Wheel Chock in a quantity of one or two..

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