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Review of etrailer by AxleTek Trailer Axles - 5,200 lbs 86.5 Inch Long Axle - e45GR

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etrailer by AxleTek Trailer Axles - 5,200 lbs 86.5 Inch Long Axle - e45GR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with, today we're going to take a quick look at this trailer axle with the E-Z Grease Spindles. This is gonna be a great option for those of you who are needing to replace an axle on your trailer, or if you're building your own custom trailer and you're wanting to have more of a customized suspension system, this will also be an important component in that as well. Of course, there are lots of different axles out there, different weight capacities, different lengths, so you wanna make sure that you're getting the right one for you. This is a three inch diameter, round steel axle beam that's got a max weight capacity of 5,200 pounds, so it's gonna be great for your single axle trailers with that 5,200 pound weight capacity, or if you're using it in a dual axle system, obviously that weight capacity would double as well. So the next thing you're gonna need to know is the length, so there's two different ways to measure the length for the axles, the first is from our spring seats here where our leaf springs will mount to. These are welded onto our axle so they are gonna be a nice static place of reference for us to measure from.

So from the center of one spring seat to the center of the other, it's gonna be right at 71 and a half inches. The other way to measure is from your hub face, obviously we don't have our brakes in the hubs installed on this actual because they are sold separately, but once you get your brakes and hubs put in place from one hub face to the other, it's gonna be right at 86 and a half inches. So again, make sure that's gonna work for your application, if you do need a different size axle, different weight capacity, different length, we do have lots of other options available here at, so again, make sure you're getting the right one for you. So this axle does have a slight bend right here in the center, that's gonna be our camber. It's going to ensure that as our trailer is under load, the angle of our wheels is going to be allowing for full road to tread contact across the full width of our wheels, so we're not gonna have to worry about uneven tire wear.

It's gonna be great for your straight line acceleration, nice, steady towing. Our spindles are welded in place using a patented welding process that actually allows the spindle to slide over the axle rather than just budding up against it. So that's gonna create about a 40% stronger weld there to help prevent spindle failure, it's also going to ensure proper alignment of the spindle so that everything is all aligned properly. Our spindles are the E-Z Grease Spindles so they've got this built-in grease zerk here on the end, so it will be super easy, hook up your grease gun, pump some grease in there. It's gonna come out this hole here to help fill up that cavity, make sure that everything is well lubricated in between your regular maintenance to make sure that your bearings are packed properly and that sort of thing.

So it's super easy to pump the grease in there, keep that all lubricated well. This is pre-wired for your electric brakes, so you've got this wire on the side here that's going to run from one side to the other, dual wire systems, so it'll be super easy to hook up your electric brakes, one less wire that you're gonna have to run across the width of your trailer. Our spring seats are welded to the bottom of our axle, so that's going to allow us to mount our leaf springs in the underslung orientation, ensuring a nice low ride height to make sure it's gonna be easier to load and unload your trailer, having those in the underslung position there. This axle is CSA, QAI, and SAE-N certified, so it is going to meet those high quality standards you can trust, it's gonna do a great job for you, hold up well. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so if you we're to have any problems with it, you're more than welcome to reach out to us here at

We're always happy to work with our customers to make sure you're getting good quality products and having a good experience. So, as long as that weight capacity and length work for you, I think this is gonna be a great option for your trailer, I think you'll be very happy with it. That's gonna complete our look for today, again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching..

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