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Review of iN-Command RV Parts and Accessories - Tire Pressure Monitor - NCTP1002

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iN-Command RV Parts and Accessories - Tire Pressure Monitor - NCTP1002 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the in command RV tire pressure monitoring system. This is going to give you the ability to monitor your tires while you're on the go. So you can make sure that they're not overheating or deflating or whatever the case may be. You'll be able to see how your tires are reacting on your trip, and you're not going to have to stop and pull over and check them out as often.So you are going to get two of these sensors that will mount onto your tire valve.

That's what's going to allow you to monitor both the pressure and the temperature, and these do work with a Bluetooth technology. So you can monitor your temperature and pressure on your phone, your smartphone, using the free in command app. That's available for both Android and Apple smartphones.That's going to allow you to not only monitor these two sensors, but you could monitor up to 22 tires. If you wanted to add on more sensors in the future, you can monitor up to 22 in that in command app. So you won't have to worry about any of your tires.

So depending on how many you feel like you would want to monitor, you can use these two to watch the general idea of how your tires are doing.And that app is also going to allow you to see the history of your tire pressure and temperature. So you can monitor as you're traveling through the desert or wherever you may be. You can see the history of those systems. It's also going to give you warning notifications, as well as an alarm that will sound if there's abnormal tire conditions. So it's going to be very handy to have that on your phone.You can have that set up on your dash or something, and just be notified anytime there's abnormalities in your tires, or just to look at it, to give you peace of mind that there's not abnormalities.

So you are going to get the two waterproof sensors to mount onto your tires. You're also going to get two of these locking bolts, two of these anti-theft attachments, make sure that no one just comes up and unscrews these and walks off with them.They're also going to include two batteries and a wrench to help you get the bolts tightened and unlocked. These do have a wind pressure monitoring range from zero up to 185 PSI. So you should be able to encompass almost all of your tires. I'd say almost, but really any tire should not need higher pressure than that.

So no matter what application you're using, you should be able to use these, to monitor them.To get them installed it's going to be very easy just to tighten your lock nut onto your tire valve. Once you have that installed, you can get the battery installed in your sensor, attach your anti-theft attachment. It's very easy to do, just clicks into place like so, and then you can thread this down onto your tire valve as well, and then you'll make your nut attach or butt up against your sensor to ensure a nice tight fit.No one can come along and take that off. Overall, very easy to get installed. Very easy to use with that app. Just give you a little bit more peace of mind as you're traveling. Make sure you can see how your tires are doing. That's pretty much invaluable. And as you're on those long trips, making sure that everything is running smoothly. Let's get in and complete our look at the in command RV tire pressure monitoring system.

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