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Trailer Hitch Installation - 1999 Honda Odyssey

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 1999 Honda Odyssey

Today on this 1999 Honda Odyssey we are going to be installing part number 87479. This installation will also apply to part number 75270. The first thing that we are going to need to do is we are going to have to lower the exhaust from the exhaust mount in the rear of the vehicle on the passenger side and the one up towards the middle which is the second to last one. And it helps to have a strap to mount on the bottom of the vehicle, underneath the exhaust, to hold it up to keep from damaging the rest of the exhaust further up from the vehicle. So, if you can not find any mounting spots for your strap, you can probably just go ahead and use the existing rear springs. You want to just loosen it up enough to where you have a little bit of play so you can at least move around the exhaust to take it off the hanger. You can go ahead and tighten the strap to keep the exhaust from hanging down further than necessary. 0:50

Now, when removing the hangers, there is going to be some rust from the heat of the exhaust. So you may want to have to lubricate up the actually hangers itself. You can probably use just a WD-40. It just kind of helps lubricate it to where it is not so much work on taking them off. And as you can see, with the lubricant you can just pretty much push it right off and it slides right off easy, along with the middle one. It slides it right off. See how you have your strap tight enough to where it does not hang the exhaust down further than necessary. It is just enough to get it out of the way so you can put the hitch into place. 1:26

And with the exhaust out of the way, I am going to show you the hitch mounting locations. And there are going to be three spots where it goes directly into the frame itself. There is going to be two right here and then one further up, past the rear mount hanger. And on older vehicles, you may come across some corrosion in our mounting points. So, what you want to do is lube them up and clean them up as best as possible before you even try to mount the hitch or you are just going to have too much trouble. Now, in order to clean the mounting holes, we are going to go ahead and use this WD-40 and just spray it up in the holes. Now what we are going to use is just a regular old wire brush to clean the mounting holes. 2:13

Now that we have our holes cleaned out for our hitch, we can go ahead and lift the hitch into position and tighten down the bolts. It is good to have a second set of hands to help lift the hitch into position. Now that we have our hitch in place, we are going to go ahead and tighten down our bolts. And now that we have the bolts tightened down, we are going to torque as specified in the instructions. And now that we have all of our bolts torqued, we can go ahead and put the exhaust back into position by hanging it back on the hangers that we had taken off previously. Now that we have the hitch installed, we are going to take some additional measurements. From the top of the receiver tube to the ground is approximately 12 inches. Now, from the center of the pin to the edge of the bumper we are going to measure that at 5 inches. That completes the install on a 99 Honda Odyssey, part number 87479 from Hidden Hitch.

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