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Review 2 of Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution - EQ95-01-5950

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Review 2 of Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution - EQ95-01-5950

Today we're going to take a look at the pole tongue adapter for the Equal-i-zer weight distribution system. It has a 14,000-pound gross towing weight capacity and a 1400-pound tongue weight capacity.Now this part will let you mount your Equal-i-zer weight distribution system on your straight-tongue trailer. Basically when you install a weight distribution system to your trailer, the spring bars of the weight distribution system are attached to brackets that will mount to the sides of your trailer frame. So it works well when using an A-frame trailer because the trailer frame is at the correct angle to accept the spring bar mounting brackets, but it does not work so well when you're using a straight pole tongue trailer where the tongue is the only portion of the trailer that extends out. So this adapter here can be attached to that trailer's tongue, and it provides the properly spaced mounting points for the sway-control brackets of your system. This can also be used with the Fastway e2 weight distribution systems.

This part is made in the USA. Again, the gross towing weight capacity is 14,000 pounds. Maximum tongue weight capacity is 1400 pounds.Now, when you do position this on your trailer tongue, you do want it to be about 27-32 inches back from the hitch ball, and you can see the brackets down here. It is designed to fit tongue widths from one inch to five inches and there's elongated holes up here that the bolts go through, so it can go as small as from one inch tongue width or you can extend it out. When you take that bolt out you can slide it all the way out and go all the way up to a five-inch-wide tongue width.

So you just set it to what tongue width you need and then tighten it down.Then on the side of the bracket you can see there's a range of holes here, so you can fit different tongue heights anywhere from two inches, three inches, four inches, or five-inch tongue height. Again, once you get it to the right position that goes around your pole tongue and then just put your bolt in the correct position, put the nut on it, and tighten it down. Again, if I tilt this a little you'll see how at the end of the bracket they're angled and you have your bolts here. This is what those sway-control brackets will mount to and give you the connection point for the spring bars.Overall width on this at the very widest point, the very back here, is going to be right at 21-1/2 inches overall width. It does come with a nice set of detailed instructions that are described and show how you install this and how it connects to your weight distribution system.But that should do it for the review on the pole tongue adapter for the Equal-i-zer weight distribution systems.

This has a 14,000-pound gross towing weight capacity and a 1400-pound tongue weight capacity..

Dave L.


Can it be flipped up side down and be mounted on the bottom side of the pole. Because I have the valley frame with the hydraulic lift on my hitch

Victoria B.


I checked with my tech contact at Equal-I-zer and they have not tested the Pole-Tongue Adapter # EQ95-01-5950 mounted upside down. They said they wouldn't recommend it because the entire weight of the system would be on that one bolt if it were installed on the underside.

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