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CTEK Multi US 7002 12-Volt Universal Battery Charger Review

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Review of the CTEK Multi US 7002 12-Volt Universal Battery Charger

Today we are going to show you part number CTEK56353 from Ctek. This is the Multi US 7002 charger. And what this charger does is best for a variety of different vehicles. Lets cover the components. First off, you obviously have the charger itself, it has clamps that will clamp onto the battery itself and charge it, and also, it has a permanent mount of two ring terminals here that use this port to connect up to the charger itself. :28

The clamps also have the same type of port to hook up to the charger. Everything can fit in this bag right here that comes supplied with it too. Lets go ahead and cover the charger and a few more details. First of, we have it plugged in, you can see that it is getting power by the indicator light right there. Go ahead and hit the mode button, now thats normal, its going to fit the vast majority of batteries out there. Car, truck, boat batteries. :57

The next one, the snow flake is for deep cycle mode, that is for optima batteries. And also, if you have a regular car battery, and it is below 41 degrees, its really cold out, that type of charge it uses in that mode is a lot easier on the battery when it is in the cold. Next is a supply feature which is really cool, what it does is puts out a constant 13 volts so you can actually hook this up to your vehicle and supply the vehicle with power while you take out the battery or change the battery. It is a neat little system that it has built in there. And finally, it has a reconditioning mode. Basically you want to use that after your battery is fully charged, it really good when you have a battery or a deep cycle battery that has been fully discharged, this actually reconditions the battery again. All right we will go ahead and hook this up to the battery here, show you a more realistic setting. We will demonstrate how to hook up to this battery here. First off, it is gong to be black to negative and red to positive. Then what we will do is this port here will connect to the port of the Ctek charger, just snaps together like so. All right we have it hooked up, finally we will go ahead and plug it to our 1-10 outlet and then this is regular maintenance for your battery. 2:18

So we will go ahead and switch it to normal mode, as you can see here it is blinking. Right now the charger is in desulphation mode. That means that it is getting the battery ready to charge. After that it will do what is called a soft charge, and then it will work its way up to the bolt charge, and then absorption which will top off the battery. And then it will analyze the condition of the battery. What it will do next is go into float mode, and then to top off the battery to maintain it. And then after that, its left in storage leave it on there, you can leave it on there for weeks or months if you need to, it will stay in pulse mode to maintain the voltage in the battery. It is easy to get in a hurry or make a mistake, you can easily put the red to black and black to red, and what happens is the charger is smart enough to know that condition and match it to it. But it does not allow anything to short out, so you are still safe. In a typically application you have to change out the battery, you are going to go ahead and undo your terminals, and then your radio is going to loose all its presets, so then you have to go back and fix all your presets and that stuff. There is a way around that, with your charger in supply mode what we can do is go back and put on our charger, loosen up, this can also go on a different ground on the vehicle also. Go ahead and loosen this one up. There is still a little bit of power going to it, so you want to be careful you do not take your wrench and go to something that is grounded and fry it. This is the idea. 4:16

Move this out of the way and go ahead change the battery and not have to worry about losing our radio settings. You do not have to use the clamps to change out the battery too. Depending on the configuration of the terminals on your vehicle, you can probably use the ring terminals to hook up from the CTEK charger, and go ahead and change out your battery that way. Whichever works out the best for you. With that we have covered all the functions and details of part number CTEK56353 from CTEK.



Excellent presentation. The first one I have seen that demonstrates the supply mode connecting process. Thanks

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


Thank you for the kind words!

Bonnie L.


I want to tow a 13’ Scamp which has a battery for camper on front hitch with a 2016 Jeep Wrangler. I want to know if it is possible to charge this battery with Jeep when motor is running. My Jeep has a 4 prong and the Scamp has a 7 prong. Is it possible? And what do I need?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


It is possible to do this but you'll need to add the Wiring Upgrade Kit # ETBC7L to accomplish this. Please note that this will be a trickle charge so it keeps your battery topped off. If you're looking to actually charge the battery (increase the charge level) then you'll need to install a charger like the BCDC # 331-BCDC1225D with the Fuse Kit # 331-FK40 as well.

Bonnie L.


@JonG thank you. I can purchase a power bank for that cost. I will use my solar panel and provide the top off w/ it.

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