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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2007 Ford Escape

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2007 Ford Escape

Today on this 2007 Ford Escape we are going to install part number 118426 from Tow Ready. The first step involved is to open up the tail gate latch and get behind the tail lights. Take off these two screws here for the tail light and then we will remove the tail light. The tail light pops off these two pins right here. We have got our tail light off. We are going to leave it connected for now. We are going to take our 4-pole and our modulite and we are going to that through the opening behind the bumper and out the bottom. We are also going to take the T-One connector with the green wire, that is going to go below too. Eventually this will go to the passenger side of the vehicle. 00:46

Next to go in is the 4-pole. Drop the module box in there also. We are going to keep out the yellow wire, the red wire, and the brown wire and also our white ground wire. Lay the red and brown out of the way for now. We are going to hook up the yellow wire first and our yellow wire is going to be for the turn signal on the left side. We will take a look at the tail light, since this is a separate turn signal from the brake lights it is yellow so it is easy to find so we will go back to the socket behind the yellow and we will push in this button right here to disconnect the wire harness. Slip in the T-One connector. The yellow wire and the factory harness will go back to the other half. 01:38

Next we will run to the running light which is the brown wire and stop light signal which is the red wire. Now go to the red part of the tail light and that will be on top because we know on the bottom here is the reverse light so you do not have to worry about that. The same things apply as before. Install the T-One connector and the same thing with the other half. We will leave that alone for now. We will set our tail light to the side and be careful about it. The sheet metal right here will take a ring terminal and just attach right there. At this point we can put our tail light back together and reattach the screws. Now lets go underneath the vehicle and work with the green wire going across and the 4-pole. We will take our green wire with the T-One connector and we are going to run that across to the other side. Next we will route our 4-pole over also and do the same thing. Run that to the hitch. We will leave these wires alone and then we will go back to our modulite box and find a place to attach it to the vehicle. We are going to use this flat piece of sheet metal right here so clean it off and use the adhesive to mount the modulite. Once that is cleaned off pull back the cover and push it into place. 03:34

Take the 4-pole wire and bundle up what we are not going to use and zip tie it to the bumper core. Do the same thing across to the other side. While we are under the vehicle we will show you this port right here. This is a port for a tow package. A lot of vehicles have this underneath there but are not connected up front on the vehicle. Basically the only way to tell if it works or not is to take a light tester to it and try it out. In this case it was not working so that is why we opted to use the modulite. Next we will remove the passenger side tail light and pull our green wire up from below to the tail light. The same thing as before. Unscrew the tail light to remove it and just set that to the side. Get a piece of wire to pull the green wire back up from the bottom. Then we are going to take some of this extra green wire and we are going to pull it up snug and we are going to zip tie it to the original harness. The same thing again. The green wire will be our turn signal and we are going to look on our tail light and this is going to be yellow in this socket right here. Squeeze the tab and pull it apart. Connect the other side and then you can put everything back together. Lets go back underneath the vehicle now and we will deal with the red wire coming out of the modulite. Strip back a little bit more and we are going to install a butt connector on it and on the other side we will hook up a black wire that comes with the kit and that will continue on to the battery. 05:56

When we run our black wire up to the battery basically we are going to run it along the frame rail away from any moving parts like suspension or anything hot like the exhaust. When we get to the engine compartment we are going to push it up along the firewall and reach down and pull up the wire and check the routing and make sure it is not touching anything it does not need to. Secure it to this harness right here to hold it in place. Now we will route it up to our battery and what you can do is follow the harness around and tuck it behind the fuse compartment and we will wrap it around the battery to the positive terminal. You do not have to go all the way to the battery terminal with the wire because the fuse holder will take up some length too. We will cut off what we do not need. Then take the fuse holder and cut the ring in half and strip it back and attach between the black and yellow with the butt connector. We are going to attach the fuse holder to the threads on the backside of the clamp and we are going to use a six millimeter nut with a 1.0 thread pitch. That will thread on just fine. We outsourced a different type of ring terminal which is a little on the small side but what we will do is put a slice into it and spread it out a little and it will still have plenty of grip on the terminal. Attach the ring terminal to the fuse holder. Snap the lid back into place. Next we are going to take our fuse and install it in the holder. Tuck everything next to the battery and it should be just fine. Next test the 4-pole. We will take our ground lead to our tester and ground it on the white wire pull and then we will turn on the running lights. Now we will try the left turn which is the yellow. Right turn will be green. Then we will do our brake signal which will be yellow and green. Looks like it works and we are all set to go. With that, that will finis hour install of part number 118426 from Tow Ready.

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My kit did not come with the six millimeter nut. I overcame that, otherwise good video.Works great.

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