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Base Plate Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Buick Enclave

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How to Install a Base Plate Wiring Harness on a 2009 Buick Enclave

Today on this 2009 Buick Enclave we are going to install 38955. We will start off by taking the wire harness and just pull it on through so the 4-pole harness is going to end up by the tow bar and wrap up some of the wire with some electrical tape to keep it nice and together. Leave some extra hanging out for now. Now lets continue on routing our wire from the front of the vehicle all the way back and we are going to make sure we stay away from anything that is moving or hot. What we will do is take our ground wire and we are going to attach it to this cross member right here. Now we will continue on running the harness to the back of the vehicle. 00:38

I have gotten to the back of the vehicle and now we are going to split our wire harness off. Our brown wire and green wire is going to go to the passenger side and the yellow and brown wire are going over to the driver side. We are going to hook this up directly behind the tail lights on both sides. Eventually our wires are going to be ran straight up so this will pull away from the exhaust when we are done. Now you need to remove the tail lights so you can get access to the wiring. What we are going to do is pop off these two covers and remove the screws. Lets disconnect the harness, push down this button and it should come right apart. We will do that on both sides of the vehicle. 01:16

The next thing we are going to do is peel back the electric tape that covers the wires so we can get free access to the wires themselves. The next thing we can do is start checking the wires for function and we are going to do one circuit at a time. First off we will start with the running light circuit and we are going to test the ends of the socket. The running lights, looks like the purple wire, we will cut it and we will install our diode in between. We are going to strip off the wires and install the spade terminals and then we will put our diode back in between. Now we will take the diode and you will notice there are two tabs on there. These are for inputs. The one input is going to be from the factory wire harness in the vehicle and we will plug that in and the other one is going to come from our harness that we ran underneath the vehicle when it gets pulled behind an RV so we will leave that one alone for now and the output is going to go directly to the tail light. The same process for the left turn signal. It looks like yellow. 02:16

Lets fish our two wires up from the bottom up and make our connections to the remaining spade terminal. We are just going to use a piece of wire and let it fall down to the bottom and we will use it to pull the wires back up. We will take the wire and make sure it is no where near the exhaust and pull it up and we will pull it up snug. We do not want both strings tight, just snug. We will cut off some excess and go to add the terminals to the ends here and connect them to the right circuits. Again we will start with our running light circuit. Now on our wire harness that goes to the motor home is going to be the brown wire so we will plug that in and leave that alone and now our yellow wire is going to be the left turn signal and that is going to match up to the yellow wire on the vehicle. At this point we will just tuck the wires back and then we will reinstall a light and then we can bolt the light back in. Now we are going to repeat the same procedure on the passenger side here so lets double check for the runnings lights once more. The running light looks like a brown wire with a white stripe and like before we will install the diode. Now we will do the same thing for the right turn signal. It looks like the green wire. Lets pull the wires from underneath again. Cut off the excess one more time. The green is going to be the right turn so go back to the green on the vehicle and the running light is going to be the brown wire so I will hook up to the brown wire and we are set. Reinstall the tail light. With that, that will finish it for part number 38955.

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