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1991 Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup Hitch Options

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1991 Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup Hitch Options

Today we're going to be going over the best hitch options available for your 1991 Chevrolet CK Series pickup with standard or step bumper. Now when searching for heavy duty hitches for your vehicle, these are going to be the top three that you're going to be finding here. At the top here we have our CURT Class 4, part number C14081. In the center we have our CURT Class 5, part number C15325. At the bottom we have our B&W Class 5, part number BWHDRH25124. Now each of these hitches are designed pretty much for heavy duty use, and each of them have their advantages. Let's go ahead and go over some of the differences.

The first is going to be the safety chain loop placement. You notice here at the top CURT one, he have this loop here right underneath our 5/8 pinhole. That may be a problem to hook up if you have a pin or a locking pin in there to hook up your safety chain loops to. With the CURT Class 5 you'll notice that the safety chain loops are a bit thicker around this area here, however it's not going to have as much interference with our pinhole as it would with the Class 4. With the B&W it's slightly different with more of an angled approach as far as the safety chain loops are concerned, and also our pinhole is a little bit further forward, so again you're not going to have as much interference with either a locking pin or a pin and clip. Next, let's go ahead and go over the weight capacities of our hitches.

For our top Class 4, it's going to have a max tongue weight of 1,000 pounds, and that's how much force is going down on the actual shank of the hitch, and then you're going to have a 10,000 pound towing capacity, and that's how much weight it can pull. For our CURT Class 5, the maximum tongue weight is going to be 2,400 pounds, while the max towing capacity is going to be 16,000 pounds. Finally with our B&W our max tongue weight is going to be 1,600 pounds, with a max towing capacity of 16,000 pounds. Now when it comes to the addition of weight distribution that's going to change a little bit. For our top CURT Class 4 it's going to be 1,200 pound tongue weight with a 12,000 pound towing capacity. Wit our CURT Class 5 it's going to be a 2,400 pound tongue weight still, but it's going to add another 1,000 pounds to make it 17,000 pounds for the towing capacity.

Then finally for the B&W hitch it's going to remain the same with a 1,600 tongue weight and a 16,000 towing capacity. As far as clearance is concerned underneath the bumper our Class 5 CURT is going to sit a little bit further in as opposed to the Class 4 CURT or the Class 5 B&W. That's more of just a personal preference as far as where exactly you want your hitch to sit. Now, as far as installation is concerned all of these will install fairly the same, bolting on to the frame of your vehicle. Now there is no drilling required for all three of these hitches, however with the CURT Class 5 and the B&W Class 5 you do have to assemble these prior to installing them into your vehicle so it may take a little more time. Now, in conclusion as far as clearance is concerned the CURT Class 5 is going to sit slightly behind the bumper as the B&W and the CURT Class 4 are going to be pretty much even. For weight capacity and towing we're going to go with the CURT Class 5 here as it has the best capacity both with and without weight distribution.

We hope this makes your buying decision easier for your Chevrolet CK Series pickup.

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