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Best 2003 Honda CR-V Hitch Options

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Best 2003 Honda CR-V Hitch Options

Today we're going to be taking a look at the best hitches available for the 2003 Honda CRV. Here we have our Draw Tite. This is a class III that offers the 2 inch by 2 inch receiver tube opening. Its part number is 75690, and here we're going to have our Curt. This is also a class III with the 2 inch by 2 inch by opening. Its part number is 13535.

Now, both of our hitches are going to be extremely similar in the overall affect they're going to have with both of them being a class III, they're going to be very versatile hitches. It'll work out for your bike racks, cargo carriers, ball mounts, things like that. A few small aesthetic differences that we're going to have with our hitches, the Curt has a pretty flush reinforcement collar here around the end, and you'll see the rounded steel style safety chain connection points. Whereas, with our Draw Tite that reinforcement collar is going to be a little bit more rounded off, and we've got more of a plate style safety chain connection point. Both of these are going to be pretty large and open, so whatever style of chain you might be using should connect fine. Another cosmetic difference that you're going to notice with the hitches is kind of the way the cross tube is. Our Curt, it's a rectangular tube, but it's going to be straight across all the way across the rear of the vehicle.

The Draw Tite, they've designed it what I feel is a little bit more attractively so these, instead of being straight across the rear, these are actually going to tuck back a little bit more. Will be slightly more hidden, but you're probably still going to see it. Now, another minor difference is going to be with the Draw Tite you're going to see two holes. The larger hole that's 5/8 of an inch in diameter, it's closer to the front of the vehicle is the one we're going to use to secure all of our items with. There will be plenty of room around it for whatever accessory you choose to secure it. Just be sure it's class III.

The smaller hole is only for use with a J-pin stabilization system. You'll see the Curt's going to be the same here, plenty of room around it, so whatever style of accessory you choose, be sure it's class III, but you shouldn't have any problems with locking pins and clips, regular pins and clips, or with anti-rattle bolts. Now, the weight capacities on both hitches are going to be identical. They give us a 350 pound tongue weight rating, that's the maximum downward force we can put here at the receiver tube opening, and they're going to give us a 3,500 pound gross trailer weight rating. That would be the total weight of our trailer and anything we we're to load up on it. Of course, we need to check the owner's manual on the CRV, we want to see what it's rated for, and we'll use whichever of those numbers are the lowest. An important note on the Curt hitch when hauling a non-wheeled load, so something other than a trailer, something like a cargo carrier or a bike rack, they do require the use of a stabilization strap.

Here's what the Curt's going to look like installed. As far as clearances and measurements on our hitch, they're both going to be about identical. From the top edge of the receiver tube opening here to the ground we've got about 15 inches, and then from the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of our bumper it's going to be about 2, 2 1/4, somewhere in that range. Now let's summarize what we've talked about to try to find the right hitch. We know weight ratings are going to be identical. They're going to install the exact same way, and clearances from the pin hole and inside top edge are going to be about the same. Now, appearance-wise, since the Draw Tite does have that more angled tube I think it's going to look nicer on the back of the CRV. Then recreationally, because the Draw Tite does not require the use of the stabilization strap, it's just going to be easier to use. That's going to complete our look at the best hitches available for the Honda CRV. We hope this information's helpful in deciding which one's the right hitch for you.

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