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Best 2008 Acura RDX Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2008 Acura RDX Trailer Wiring Options

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today, we are going to be taking a look at our best Trailer Wiring options for your 2008 Acura RDX. So, today we are going to be checking off three different wiring kits. Here, we are going to have the Tekonsha Kit, here in the middle, we are going to have the Curt, and over here, we are going to have the Hopkins. Now, before we kinda get too carried away, checking out some of the differences and similarities of the kit. I figured out, I would just kinda talk about which one I would choose for my own RDX and a just a little bit why, and after checking all of them out, I think it would be a really close tie between the Tekonsha and the Curt.

I would kinda be up in the air on which one to get. With this style or the catcher wiring kits. I am a little partial to them. They are really high quality and really well-made. So, I think, I would probably lean more towards this one, but that's not to take away from the Curt either, but with that said, why don't we go ahead and kind of just talk about some of the similarities and differences and how I came up with that conclusion.

So, we will go ahead and just start with the Tekonsha. So, if you look at the Tekonsha, we are going to have a relatively small converter box and these things are completely sealed. So all that potting material I believe is what they call it, fills up this casing and keeps everything together in there as far as the circuit board and things go. I had a lot of luck with these, really reliable kits. One thing about this, the Tekonsha as well as it's also going to be fused here.

All right. So it's a redundant fuse. What you mean by that is a factory already has a fuse in it, but an extra more definitely isn't going to hurt is that OEM one is at the front of the car. This one's only way at the back. So at least you have, you know, another fuse in line there something goes wrong.

The wiring is also going to be, be really long here. So let me just pull this off. Now, you are going to get several foot, several feet rather of wiring. And this is going to be long enough, if you wanted to route this outside and like say mount this up next to your hitch, that's going to be long enough to do so, because on these already access, you do have to kind of route them a fair distance over there to do that. So, that kinda sums it up, does it for the Tekonsha with that said, you know, let's check out, check out the Curt. And the Curt's going to share a lot of similarities. One thing I do like about the Curt is, it comes at the seal pack here. Is he a couple here extra zip ties and some sticky tape and some ring terminals stuff you really don't need per se for this kit, but you know, you get it. That's cool. This one shares a lot on the same similarities is the Tekonsha. These are boxes here, really well made. Wires are nice and thick. You know, all the wires are bonded and just a nice setup overall, you know, this one's also fused. So, shares a lot of the same similarities as the, as the Tekonsha. Same holds true with the length, how long this wire is. This one might even be a little bit longer. I didn't measure him or anything. Just kind of doing it by eye. Yeah, it might be a little bit longer, but, not a huge deal there. As long as we get enough to be able to go outside, I think we would be in good shape. So, that's kind of where I am at with these two kits and why are they so close. But moving right along, let's talk about the Hopkins. So we really haven not mentioned a whole lot about this kit. When it comes to Trailer Wiring, for some reason, I am just not super crazy about these kits, you know, not to take away from or are they going to work Absolutely. I might just think the others kind of have an advantage as far as quality construction goes. You know, all the wires are just thin. The case is actually pretty decent, feels good. But, you know, it's just, I just feel like it's not as well made, you know, none of the wires are bonded. They are all individual. You know, they do tape them together up right here. So, at least they did something there and it's not used or anything. So, you know, a little, not as much thought there with that one. The wire is nice and long though, so you can route it outside and they give you a couple things here, a dust cap and a couple of zip ties and some dielectric grease. So, with that said, I mean, all three of the kits are going to work, but it's really just going to kind of come down to your own personal preference. With that all said on that in mind, Now we go ahead to our RDX and check out our wiring setup on it. On our RDX today, we have the Curt wiring installed on it. And you have it routed to the outside. And we have it coming through a bracket here, four way flat bracket, that's attached to our hitch. So, good option for you, all three kits, can be routed like this. If you don't want yours outside, you don't have to bring it out here. So, say if you just don't want it hanging on the back of your Acura or you know, you don't use it all that often, you can store them on the inside. And what you would do is a lot of times you can route that wiring underneath the panel here and keep it like stashed in here. And then whenever you are ready to use it, you know, you could just bring it out and drape it over your threshold and close your hatch on it. It might seem kind of odd to have wiring hanging out and closing your hatch on it. But in all reality, as long as you avoid the latch, you are going to be just fine. The wiring set up and designed to be able to do that. So, wire will be hanging down and then you would be able to plug in your trailer. All three of these kits are also going to allow you to upgrade to a seven way connector. If you ever wanted to in the future. You know, pull a bigger trailer with that round type connectors or use a brake controller. Whenever you do that, you have to start with the four way flat. So, you have this wiring or any of these three rather, you know, you can always get a good start there doing that. But other than that, at the end of the day, you know, they are all going to work. And it's really just going to boil down to your personal preference on which one you want the most. And that will finish up our look at of our best Trailer Wiring options for your Acura RDX. I hope you found this video useful and it helps you decide which kit is going to be best for your SUV..

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