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Best 2010 Jeep Liberty Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2010 Jeep Liberty Trailer Wiring Options

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the best costume fit vehicle wiring harness for your 2010 Jeep Liberty. Here we're going to have the best three wiring harnesses for your vehicle. Over here on the left we're going to have the Hopkins. Here in the middle we're going to have the Tekonsha. Over here on the right we're going to have the Curt.Your Curt, you're going to have a 6 AMP per circuit for your taillights. A 3 AMP circuit for your stop and turn.Whereas your Tekonsha going to have a 5.6 AMP for your taillights.

A 2.1 AMP for your stop and turn.Now, as far as Hopkins, manufacturer doesn't list the power output for this wiring harness.The Tekonsha's going to have a potting material inside of the box, which in turn is supposed to extend the life of the wiring harness.Now with all these, you're going to have to splice your power wire from your converter box up to your battery. Whereas, your Hopkins, your bulb connector's already installed and your rain terminals are installed. It's going to make it nice, but it's going to eliminate a few steps for you.Now all three of these are going to be very easy to install. They're going to plug directly into your taillights, and they're going to live outside of the vehicle. They're all going to have power wire that runs up to your battery.

All come with converter boxes to help power your lights on your trailer. It also helps protect your vehicle from any feedback if your trailer is to have any wiring issues. All are four full flats. All are going to be fuse protected, and come with all necessary hardware to get it installed.In summary, for highest output, I'm going to have to give it to the Curt. For longevity, going to have to give it to the Tekonsha.

For ease of install, I have to give it to the Hopkins.That'll do it for a look at the best vehicle wiring harness for your Jeep Liberty.

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