Best 2015 Mazda 3 Trailer Wiring Harness Options

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Best 2015 Mazda 3 Trailer Wiring Harness Options

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the best custom fit vehicle wiring options for your 2015 Mazda 3. This one here on your left is gonna be the Hopkins. This one here in the center is gonna be the Curt. And here on your right we're gonna have Tekonsha. Let's go over some of the differences between these three. One of the main difference here is gonna be the converter boxes.

What the converter boxes do is they protect your vehicle wiring, or your factory wiring in your vehicle from any back feed if your trailer, or whatever it is that you're towing, happens to have a short in the wiring. That's gonna block the short from coming into your vehicle wiring, in turn protecting from doing any damage. Now the difference between them is if you look at the Hopkins and the Curt, the wires are gonna come in either side, they're gonna connect to a circuit board. Again the Curt, it does the same thing as the Hopkins.If you look at the Tekonsha, the Tekonsha comes in all one end, inside it's gonna hook to a circuit board like the other two, except this box has got a potting material. What that potting material does is it's gonna hold your connections onto that circuit board really well.

If this box happens to come loose after it's mounted, and it starts bouncing around, it's more likely that the Tekonsha on that circuit board are gonna stay in place because of that potting material. On your Curt, there may be a little bit of material in their holdem, but we do get calls back because these tend to fail. Now the difference on our Hopkins. You look at all our wires, or most of our wired here, they're all gonna have a tape on them to help protect the wires a little bit better. Now, can we do that with the other two Yes we can, but with the Hopkins that's one less step you have to take.

Now let's talk about a little bit more on the wiring. On our Curt you see where it goes from a single wire to a double wire.Where that connection is made, or where that split is made, it's just got some heat shrink around it. Hopkins is gonna be the same way except you're gonna have a little bit of tape. So it's gonna give it that little bit of extra protection. If you look at the Tekonsha, where it splits is actually inside of this plastic box.

That's a pretty strong plastic box. So I would have to say in that aspect that's gonna give an edge to the Tekonsha. I think that Tekonsha where that connection is made may last a little bit longer, or quite a bit longer than the other ones. Another difference, you look on the Hopkins, the front of the converter box is gonna actually tell you what each wire is gonna do, where the other two don't do that. With the Curt you're gonna get a little tube of silicone that you may or may not need.The other two are not gonna have that. One more difference I wanna point out is on our Hopkins our butt connectors are already attached to our power wire coming out of our converter box, and the butt connector is also attached to our fuse holder. So the only thing we will have to do is run our power wire and then connect it into each end of our butt connectors. Now let's go over some of the similarities. Number one most important is there all gonna have converter boxes that are gonna protect your factory wiring in your vehicle. Second, all of them are gonna give you the proper lighting function to safely tow whatever it is you're towing down the road. Third, they're all gonna install the same. They're all gonna plug into factory wiring behind your taillights, and then they're gonna T and plug into the back of your taillights. Fourth, they're all gonna give you power wire that's gonna run directly up to your battery. The good thing about that is, it's not drawing any power from your taillights. And number five, they're gonna come with the necessary hardware to get them installed.In summary, as far as ease of installation I'm gonna have to give that to the Hopkins. As far as durability I'm gonna have to give that to the Tekonsha. And in my personal opinion I think I'm gonna have to go with Tekonsha because of the durability factor alone. I hope I have helped make your decision a little bit easier when choosing the correct wiring harness that suits your needs. That will do it for the look at the best custom fit vehicle wiring options for your Mazda 3.

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