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Best 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty Front Receiver Hitch Options

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Best 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty Front Receiver Hitch Options

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at our best front trailer hitch options for your 2017 Ford F-250. So we're going to be checking out three different hitches Right here we have the EcoHitch. Right here We have the Draw-Tite and this one is the Curt hitch. And believe it or not, there's actually some pretty big differences between these particularly in between the EcoHitch and the Draw-Tite and the Curt. So the Curt and the Draw-Tite are pretty similar, but the EcoHitch really stands apart.

And honestly, if I we're to pick one and want one from my own truck, this is the one I would definitely lean towards and probably for three big reasons: clearance, weight capacities, and just the overall appearance. So why don't we go ahead and just kind of elaborate on that and talk about all three hitches. So let's go ahead and just talk about the clearance that the hitches offer. This is a pretty big deal, especially when it comes to ground clearance. So when it comes to that, the Curt and the Draw-Tite are going to sit below the metal bumper on the front of your truck.

And the ground clearance isn't going to be that great really. I mean, it's going to be decent, but really not all that much. And that's kind of where the EcoHitch kind of stands apart. This one's going to sit up kind of in the opening of your metal bumper, quite a bit higher, I would say probably close to a foot higher if I had to guess. And, you know, you're definitely going to have more than enough ground clearance, regardless on what you're trying to use.

You know, whether it's a wench, a holder or, you know a snowplow or just about anything really. And not to mention too, just the bumper clearance. So where the end of the receiver tube is going to sit in relation to the edge of your front bumper. All right so the Draw-Tite and the Curt are going to sit back a little ways. And the EcoHitch here is going to be pretty flush actually.

And so, you know, that's going to become useful. Let's say if you happen to have maybe folding type of accessory. So for example, you know, a lot of people are starting to run bike racks on the front because they're pulling a camper behind their truck. And you know they're just trying to utilize every bit of space they can. So that's where that, that bumper clearance has got to come into play. And, you know, with that said, the EcoHitch is going to be right there on the right there, pretty much flush with the bumper and give us the most space. So just to kind of give you guys an example today on our truck, we have that EcoHitch installed and you can see exactly what I was talking about. It kind of fits in this opening looks good. The edge of it sits really close to the, to the edge of our front bumper. And as compared to the Curt and the Draw-Tight, those are going to sit somewhere down here in this area. So kind of looks a little out of place you know, you have to cut a thing here and the hitch is all at the bottom and kind of sticks out a little ways and kind of just looks funky if you ask me. I think this one looks a lot cleaner. Now I know a lot of people are probably thinking, you know, your front plate goes here, your front license plate and the EcoHitch actually thought that through, they actually give you a license plate holder, which is pretty cool. And so you're able to slide that in. They give you a pin and clip too, that'll latch and secure it. And when you have it like this, you can't even, you can't even tell there's a the hitch there, the truck looks completely factory. So definitely an advantage in terms of appearance as well. So we talked about clearance and kind of within that talked about the appearance of the hitch as well. We saw what it looked like on the front of our truck and everything else. And so now we can kind of talk about the weight capacity. So, you know, chances are pretty good. If you're going to go through the trouble to put a front hitch on your truck, you're going to use it. And if you're going to do all that work, you might as well get something that can offer the maximum potential, you know, you'd be able to use it for the most things. And again, that's where the EcoHitch kind of stands above the rest of them. So it's going to have the highest capacities. As far as the maximum gross tongue weight rating goes, that's going to be a thousand pounds. So the amount of weight pushing down on the hitch, and as far as the maximum gross line pull, that's going to be 10,000 pounds. So that's going to be the amount of weight that is pulling on the hitch. The Draw-Tite and the Curt are going to be rated at the same. So they're going to have a 500 pound maximum gross tongue weight rating. So half of the EcoHitch and the line pole, they're both going to be at 9,000. So a little bit under the EcoHitch, but still a thousand pounds less. So, you know, like I said before, going through the trouble might as well get the one that's the most heavy duty, and it'll instill some confidence and you have to use all those different types of accessories. But other than that, you know, the hitches are going to share some similarities. They're all going to have that two inch by two inch receiver tube opening and reinforced collar. So really common size, a lot of different things will work with all of them. They're all going to have that five-eighth pin hole. So pretty standard there. And as far as the installation goes, the Draw-Tite and the Curt, they're going to be really similar. It seems like it's relatively straightforward. The EcoHitch I can definitely speak to this one. I actually installed this one today and you had to take the front bumper off, but it really wasn't that bad. I mean, a handful of handful of nuts and bolts. And it's often once that's out of the way, you got a ton of room to work. So, you know, don't let that intimidate you by any means, especially when it comes to installing any of these, some are gonna have to be one time. So not really a huge deal with that said, we do get lot of questions too, about fitment. So these can, all three are going to be able to fit gas trucks as well as diesel trucks. I know for a fact, this one does not work with trucks that have dual rear wheels, so Dualley's, I can't speak with a hundred percent certainty on these two, so if you do have a Dualley, may be worth looking into a little bit and, and checking into that. But like I said, this one, for sure, isn't going to fit those, those Dualley trucks. But other than that, at the end of the day, I mean, it's really just going to boil down to what you're looking to do and what one you liked the best. All three are going to bolt on and get the job done. So it's really just going to come down to your personal preference. And that'll finish up our look at, of our best front and trailer hitch options for your Ford F-250 Hope you found this video useful, and it helps you pick out what hitch is going to be best for your truck..

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