Best 2017 Toyota RAV4 Towing Mirror Options

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Best 2017 Toyota RAV4 Towing Mirror Options

Hey there, Toyota owners today on your 2017 Toyota RAV4, we're going to be taking a look at the best towing mirror options. We've got three different options we'll be looking at today and they cover three different styles I'd like to go over with you. First is our dual-lens option. This is from K-Source, this is the K-Source Dual-lens Towing Mirror. We have our standard towing mirror, this is an offering from CIPA. This is the CIPA Universal Towing Mirror.

And lastly, we have an option from CIPA that's for a wider field of view, and that's the CIPA Clamp-On Towing Mirror.I have the dual-lens option installed for you right now on our RAV4 just to give you an idea of what towing mirrors are going to look like on your vehicle, they are a temporary option. So everything you see here is removable and they're all designed in such a way that they won't harm or scratch your mirror housing. And they're all designed with your blinker in mind. So you'll still have full access to your side blinkers on your mirrors. Just to give you an idea of the benefit you're going to see from towing mirrors on your RAV4.

Keep in mind your RAV4 is rated between 1,500 and 3,500 pounds for towing depending on the options you have installed.You want to check your owner's manual to make sure, but you've got lots of flexibility within that weight rating. You can haul something like our jon boat here, a single axle trailer maybe loaded up with some items for moving. A couple of canoes heading down the road, even a small pop-up camper. There's plenty of options for you to haul behind your RAV4, but it's important that you stay safe and you can see your load while you're going down the road. To give you an example, you can see me clearly and our load in the towing mirrors where we've got set up right now on the RAV4.Now I'm going to go over some differences of the options you see here.

First, we've got our dual-lens towing mirror and the obvious difference here is that it's got two lenses. It's got a regular towing mirror as well as a convex mirror to give you that wider field of view around the peripheral. I do like this one. However, I find that it's the most difficult to install with its ratcheting mechanism here on the back. You've really got to get finicky with it, to ratchet it down and get it to stay in the right place.

Once it's there, it's not going anywhere, but you're not going to have any fun installing it.Our second option is probably my most favorite option, and that's just your standard towing mirror from CIPA, I find it's one of the easiest to install. It simply clips in place over the mirror face and then you have two straps that run around back. They're rubber coated straps, so they're going to stretch to keep it in place. They're also not going to harm your mirrors' finish at all. And then you can just simply adjust the mirror as you see fit. And it's going to act as a supplementary mirror to your regular mirror, giving you that extended field of view to feel safe going down the road.Last option here is our clamp-on towing mirror. And this is really a great option if you've got particularly wide or long loads because we can loosen this nut here and loosening that nut allows us to adjust the distance our mirror sits out away from our vehicle to really help give us that wider field of view. We can also adjust it 360 degrees to any angle till you get those different views. I do like this one for that reason, but the way that it secures is it clips on to the top of your mirror housing and then secures down with these rubber pads here. And I have seen it work and it works great but personally for me, it just doesn't feel as secure as something like our standard towing mirror does on the mirror housing. That's the reason why ultimately this is my choice.Now you'll notice there are plenty of other options here available at but these are definitely my top three picks for your RAV4. Depending on your scenario, you can either get that custom dual-view, that wider view or you can just have the easy standard mirror that's going to be great for most all situations. And that completes our look at the best towing mirror options for your RAV4.

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