Best 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Trailer Wiring Options

Here we have your three wiring harnesses for your Chevrolet Colorado. You'll notice they look a lot different. The reason is these are different options depending on how your vehicle is set up. If you have factory wiring but you don't have a factory plug, maybe you don't have a factory seven-pole plug, this wire right here is going to give you that option. You can hook right into your factory wiring and it's going to give you the four-pole plug option, which is going to give you your proper lighting functions, both turn signals, running lights, and brake lights.However, it's going to add two additional wires that allow you to adapt to a six and seven-pole plug. Gives you the wire to allow you to use a brake controller in your vehicle, and then a separate auxiliary wire.Let's go to this one.

This is our CURT. The CURT wire, it's going to give you your four-pole plug, but this is designed, if you have a seven-pole plug or maybe you're going to add a seven-pole plug later, this is designed to run from your factory wiring into the back of that seven-pole plug to give you the four-pole plug and the seven-pole plug option. It allows you to use both or utilize both.For this one, this is going to plug directly into your factory wiring or factory tow package wiring, but it's a plug that flush mounts to your bumper. This whole thing slides in, and it's got little tabs that click into place into the place of your dummy plug that's there. It gives you your seven-pole plug and your four-pole plug.

So, depending on your options or what you're looking for, you can get your four-pole plug that gives you the option to hook up to maybe a brake controller or auxiliary later. You have your four-pole plug that directly runs inline with your factory wiring, hooks directly into a seven-pole plug, but gives you that four-pole option rather than having to switch and go straight to this. Maybe your wiring's a little bit shorter on your car or on your trailer. This gives you a little bit more of an extension also, where this, again, flush mounts directly on the back of the vehicle on the bumper. But identifies give you that seven and four-pole connection.As I mentioned, it's really going to depend on the situation that you're in for what wiring harness works best for you.

In my opinion, if I have factory tow package wiring already, I'm going to go with this plug here. It's going to give you my seven-pole and four-pole option. I can always by an extension if I need to extend that four-pole wire just a little bit more. But again, if you have a seven-pole plug already on the vehicle, typically the newer ones, if they come out with a plug, they're going to have the seven and four together. Most of the new ones are.If you have an older vehicle, some of the older ones may only have a seven-pole plug, which is where this will come in if you're not wanting to purchase a whole new plug like this to give you that seven and four.

This one's going to work great. It's going to plug directly inline, like I said, but it's going to give you that four-pole option. You can still maintain the use of that seven-pole plug that was originally on the vehicle. Where, again, this one, it's going to hook directly inline and give you your four-pole plug. Then later on, if you maybe want to pull a trailer or something that has brakes on it, it's going to give you that option to tie in with a six or seven-pole adapter.This seven to four-pole plug, which is our Hopkins, is going to go directly in place of the dummy plug that's already on the bumper itself. The bracket, really, you're not going to use it, but identifies come with it. This Hopkins four-pole plug, if you're wanting to give it a more permanent mounting location, actually both of these, I recommend some no-drill mounting brackets. You'll mount them directly to the hitch. It will give these a permanent mounting location. That plug will fit right inside of that bracket, and it's not going to be hanging there. But if you don't want to go that route, the dust covers, once you get your wiring installed, you can hang this down and take your dust cover and wrap it around your hitch safety chain loop. That will help hold it off the ground when you're not using it. That's going to do it for a look at the best best custom fit vehicle wiring for your Chevrolet Colorado.

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