Best 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Trailer Wiring Options

Hi there, Blazer owners. Today we're going to be taking a look at the best wiring options for your 2019 Chevrolet Blazer. Here we have our four wiring options available. We have two from Tekonsha and two from CURT. We'll have a seven-pole on each and a four-pole on each. Now you only see three here in the back.

That's because we have the two from Tekonsha here on our left, and we have the one from CURT here on our right as far as our four-pole.Our customer has opted to install the seven-pole from CURT. You can see that here at the back of the vehicle. Now the biggest differences and things you're going to need to pay attention to first is whether you need a seven or a four-pole connector. Seven-pole connectors will offer you more functionality as they do have additional circuits for charging batteries on your trailer, as well as reverse lamps. And you can put a brake controller in your vehicle as well on your Blazer, and it will work with the seven-pole.Our four-pole connector's going to be a much supplier harness that's just really designed for the lighting circuits.

It provides you with your left turn, right turn, brake lamps and tail lamps. So if your trailer, that's all that it needs, it doesn't have any brakes, you don't need backup lights or anything like that, and that's the type of connector that your trailer has, then this might be the better option for you.Now we do have adapters here at If you have a trailer with both, you may have one with a seven, one with a four, I would go with the seven-way. Then you can get an adapter to bring that down to a four way.Once you've determined whether you need a four or a seven-pole, we're going to go take a closer look now at which one is going to be the better option between those two. First we're going to compare our four-poles.

Our CURT here does have a conduit wrapped all the way around it, keeping it nice and sleeved and protected. But the CURT is going to be quite a bit shorter than our Tekonsha here. I'd say it's almost a full foot shorter than the Tekonsha. So if you need the extra length, then I would go with the Tekonsha. But honestly, I don't really feel like you're going to need the extra length.

The connector's kind of close to center. It's about in this location just behind the bumper. So you can see here you're going to have plenty. So in my opinion, I would go with the CURT because it does have a little bit more protection on it. Even though it is shorter, for me, the length doesn't really matter because of how close that connector is.With our seven-way connectors here, the story's going to be pretty much the same. The seven-way connector that you'll get with the Tekonsha and the CURT are going to be basically identical. Your harnesses are just about identical. They're going to be sleeved on both. The only real differences is on our CURT the harness here is going to be a little bit longer for the larger connector. I prefer the CURT over the Tekonsha because these are so close together, and it can make it difficult to get the two plugged in. You can see, if they we're right next to each other, they almost can't spread far enough apart to be next to each other. With the CURT, this one here extends out I'd say at least twice as long as this one here, giving you more maneuverability with your wiring, making it easier to install. That's why our customer went with the CURT, because it was going to be an easier install and there's less stress on the wiring once you do have it installed.In summary, when it comes down to it, if you need a seven or a four-pole connector, I would choose the CURT over the Tekonsha. They're both very close and they're both going to do a great job. I just feel like the CURT's just a touch upscaled over the Tekonsha in this instance. That completes our look at the best wiring options for your Chevrolet Blazer.

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