Best 2019 Honda Accord Trailer HItch Options

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Best 2019 Honda Accord Trailer HItch Options

Today we're going to be taking a look at the best hitches available for the 2019 Honda Accord. From Curt, we have part number C11525, Class one hitch. And Draw-Tite part number 24972, also a class one hitch. Now these two hitches are going to be rated for a 200 pound tongue weight capacity and a 2,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. Tongue weight capacity is going to be the maximum downward force we can put at our receiver tube opening. And the gross trailer weight rating is the total weight of our trailer and anything that we might load up on it.Now both of these hitches are completely different really in the way they're going to fit your Accord.

The Curt is going to have an exposes cross tube that runs across. Your receiver tube opening of course hangs out from underneath your bumper. The Draw-Tite, the entire cross tube brackets and this area is going to be hidden. All you're going to have is this small area exposed. Now that gives the Draw-Tite a much better look on the back of the vehicle in my opinion.

All this being hidden gives you a nice, clean look. Which, you already had when you get the Accord.The Curt is going to work with only the non-hybrid version. The Draw-Tites going to work with both the gas and the hybrid version, so that's something to keep in mind. Now both of the hitches do offer their own little challenge when it comes to installation. With the Draw-Tite, you need to remove the rear fascia on the Accord, which it seems like it's a little bit intimidating but it's not really that big of a job to get it off, get your hitch installed, and get it put back on.With the Curt hitch, you need to drill a half inch hole in your frame.

You're going to use the hitch to line it up, drill a hole, and then you need to enlarge that hole.That can be a little bit challenging as well, especially if you're going to be laying on your back in your driveway. So kind of choose which option you want to go with, read through the instructions if you like. But, both of them have a little bit of a challenge but overall, you'll be able to get them installed in the afternoon.Now one big difference in my mind between these two hitches is when it comes to hauling non-wheeled loads. What we mean by that would be cargo carriers, bike racks, things of that nature. The Draw-Tite requires no extra support whereas with the Curt, they do require the use of the stabilization strap which will be a strap you'll have to connect to that bike rack and then to an anchor point on your vehicle.Now let's do a quick summary.

We've talked about a few different things there. We'll just kind of run down which one's going to be best in which situation. When it comes to appearance, I like the Draw-Tite. As for as recreational use, I like the Draw-Tite. When it comes to ease of installation, they're both going to be about the same. And when it comes to towing, they're both going to be about the same. And that will complete our look at the best hitches available for the Honda Accord.

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