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Best 2020 GMC Sierra 3500 Tonneau Cover Options

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Best 2020 GMC Sierra 3500 Tonneau Cover Options

Today, we're going to take a look at the best tonneau covers for your GMC Sierra 1500 2500, and 3500 for the years 2019 and 2020. When it comes to choosing a cover for your Sierra, you have a lot of different options. The four basic styles are going to be your soft covers right here. These are available in the folding panel design like this one, or you can get them in a roll-up design. We're going to have our hard roll-up covers right here, have a hard shell. These roll up to the cab of your Sierra for full bed access.

We're going to have our canister option. It's very similar to the roll-up version, except instead of rolling up to the cab, it's going to roll up inside a canister that sits inside your truck bed. Then we're going to have our hardback folding covers, which is what we have installed on our Sierra right now. With these, they're going to fold up towards the cab of your Sierra for partial bed access, or in some cases, there are certain manufacturers that make these hard shell tonneau covers that will fold up to the cab of your truck for full bed access.Now, each manufacturer is going to design their style of tonneau cover a little bit differently, but for the most part, they're all going to have the same basic features. So, we're going to go over some of the pros and cons of each style to help you decide which one's going to best suit your needs.

We'll start right here with our soft tonneau covers. These are going to be your more basic or entry-level cover. They're going to be very user-friendly. Like I said, you can have the folding design like this one, or you could have the roll-up design, which is available with a lot of different manufacturers. Now, these do do a great job of making sure that no elements get on the inside of your truck bed.

It's going to protect your cargo from any rain or anything like that. However, they aren't the best at deterring theft. As you can see, it's just one kind of thin layer of fabric, depending on the manufacturer, which doesn't take too long to get through if someone really wanted to.Now we'll move on to our hard roll-up covers. These are going to be a hard shell cover, kind of a hybrid between the hard folding covers and the soft covers, because you have that durability, yet it's still going to be very low profile. So you can see as I pull that cable, you can roll it all the way back to the cab of your truck.

However, something to keep in mind is that it will be taking away some of that rear window visibility for when you're driving if you choose to travel with it open. But overall, these are also going to be very user-friendly. You can see the ease of it rolling itself back out and then locking into place. It's going to be a good theft deterrent.And now onto the canister option. Like I said, these are very similar to the hard roll-up version behind me. However, instead of rolling up to the truck bed, they're going to go into a canister for storage. Now, even though it's not taking away any visibility from your rear view window, it is taking up some of the space inside your truck bed, so you lose that little bit of space, whether it's a foot to foot and a half, depending on the size of your truck. Again, still very easy to operate.And lastly, our hard shell folding covers, these are going to be very dense, very durable covers. Probably going to be the best at deterring theft because of how thick they are. When operating them, they fold back like so, like you just saw. However, something to keep in mind with these covers is if you kind of have a lifted truck like we have right here, and I'm not too high up for it, you can get a little bit heavier as you fold it back, which could get a little bit difficult, especially if you have an eight foot bed. That could result in a lot more weight folding it back. And in some cases, you can see right here, we can travel with our cover in this position, but we're losing that roughly three feet of access to our truck bed. And like I said, in some cases you can actually fold this cover up to the cab of your truck, and that's going to depend on the manufacturer. That'll give you full bed access. However, it'll take away complete visibility out of your rear view window.If you already had a rough idea of what kind of tonneau cover you we're looking for, hope this information helped answer some of your questions. But if you're still not sure what to get to best suit your needs, I'm going to give you some things that you'll probably want to think about when choosing a cover. One of them being is bed security. Now, when we look over here with our hard shell covers, these three options, they are going to be the better theft deterrents when compared to the soft cover, but you're going to be spending a little bit extra money for going with these. But they do have a lot more features. Like I said, that hard backs on them are going to help deter theft. But if you're looking for something that's just going to simply keep the elements out and you're a little bit on a budget, then you're going to save more by going with a soft cover.Another thing you want to think about is going to be the way it looks on your truck. If you're more the type of person that wants a low profile cover, more times than not the roll-up covers and the canister cover is going to be the most low profile. That's not to say with the hardback covers and the soft covers, you can't find one that's low profile, but you can see right here with the one we have installed, it does have about an inch added onto the top. So not that much, but like I said, with the hard shell covers and the soft ones, you can find options that will be more flushed with your truck bed side rails.When it comes to what kind of cover I want for my truck, I do lean towards these roll-up covers. Even though all of them are going to be high quality, this one just kind of has the features that suit my needs the best when I'm using my truck. I like to have full bed access, so that kind of cancels out the canister and the fold-up option, because I also like to have that little bit of visibility out of my window. So we could see when I roll it up, I got full bed access, nothing taking up the inside space, and it doesn't take as much visibility away as if I we're to get a hard back tonneau cover that folded up to the cab of my truck.Realistically with most applications, these roll-up covers are going to go up as about as high as the rear headrests on your back seats, so there's not too much to worry about. They're all going to be very user-friendly, and that's also something I look for. And on top of that, I really like the low profile of these roll-up covers. Now, I hope this information helped you guys out in finding which cover is going to fit your needs the best, but really when it comes down to it, you want to get a cover that's going to make you the happiest with your truck. You want one that's going to make it look good, and it's going to give you the most confidence..

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