Best 2021 Acura MDX Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2021 Acura MDX Trailer Wiring Options

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at our best trailer wiring options for your 2021 Acura MDX. So today we're going to be talking about four different wiring kits. These three here are all going to have a 4-way flat connector. And this one over here is going to have a 7-way connector. With that being said, over here we're going to have the Tekonsha 4-way wiring.

Right here, we're going to have the Curt 4-way wiring. This is going to be the Hopkins 4-way wiring. And as far as our 7-way goes, this is also made by Tekonsha. Now, before we kind of get too carried away, I would like to just say what wiring I would choose if I was putting it on my own MDX. If I needed the 7-way, I would really only have one choice, and that's the Tekonsha over here.

Which is a great choice.I actually really like the kit. And we'll kind of talk about the setup a little bit later. So for now let's kind of focused more on the 4-way connectors. If I had to choose one of these from my own Acura, I think I'd definitely go with the Tekonsha. And that's really just because the quality of construction.

Once you kind of get your hands on it, you can tell right away that it's going to have a slight advantage over the other two kits. With that being said, the biggest difference that I found is indeed the quality of construction. So let's go ahead and just start with the Tekonsha. So once you kind of get your hands on it, you're able to tell that the wires have very nice coatings and they're nice and thick.And, but more importantly, our module box here, it's nice and small, so it can be easily mounted. And it's going to have this potting material inside.

So what that does is fills up this box and prevents everything inside from rattling around as you're driving on the road. So you shouldn't have to worry about any broken connections inside or anything like that. Even all the way down to our actual 4-way wiring, it's all bonded so it's together. Very thick and durable. And feels like it'll last and hold up for a very long time. Same thing with the connector, really high quality, the rubber cap is nice and thick and should do a great job of protecting those terminals.Now let's go ahead and move on to the Curt. So Curt has came a long way in the years prior, and they've really done a great job of upgrading and updating their wiring. So this is still really good quality. It's not bad quality by any means. They use that thick bonded wire, they give you a nice dust cap to keep those terminals protected and everything is put together pretty well. The module is sealed up but, lacks that potting material so this could potentially rattle around a little bit more and possibly end up failing inside over time. But with that being said though, still a really nice wiring harness. And honestly, I wouldn't hesitate to put it on my own car as well.Now we can move over to the Hopkins. So the Hopkins, in my opinion, isn't as high of quality as the Curt, nor the Tekonsha. And once you get it in your hands, you can kind of just tell the wires feel a lot thinner. Our box here is a lot larger and just doesn't feel as thick. Don't feel as well-built. Even our 4-way connector here, the wiring it's either relatively thin and they're not bonded. They do tape them up for you at least so that's pretty nice. But personally, I would still prefer those bonded wires are just a little bit better in my opinion. Now another minor difference I found has to do with the power output. Not really a huge deal, because all three kits are going to provide your trailer with enough power to light up all the lights that you would typically use.However, if your anything like me, you prefer to have more power there and not need it than the other way around. Or if you happen to have a trailer, it has a bunch of lights, the Tekonsha will work out best for you. And that's because it does have a higher power output. As far as the output goes for your stop and turn signals, it's going to be 4.2 amps. And for your taillights, it's going to be 7.5 amps. The Curt and the Hopkins are going to share the same power outputs for your stop and turn. They're both going to be three amps per circuit. And for your taillights, are both going to have six amps per circuit.The wiring is essentially going to be pretty much the same. They're all going to come included with everything you need to get them installed. I do wish the Hopkins gave you some two-sided sticky tape like the Curt and the Tekonsha. Just gives you another mounting option, but not really a huge deal, not the end of the world there. I do like the fact that the Hopkins gives you a little dielectric grease. That way you can apply it to your terminals, to help keep them protected. That would have been nice to see included with these two kits, but again, not really a huge deal.Other than that, they're all going to provide you with those lighting functions that you need, your turn signals, your tail lights, and your brakes. They're all going to give you plenty of length as far as your 4-way connector goes. That way you won't have any issues hooking it up to your trailer or maybe that light up accessory. And they're also all going to keep your factory wiring protected. And that's because they do all have module boxes. So puts your mind at ease there, regardless of which one that you choose. So at the end of the day, they're all going to get the job done and should workout.And today on our MDX, we have the Curt wiring installed just to kind of give you an idea, all three kits are going to live inside of the vehicle. So they will be protected from the elements. And not to mention they're all going to install pretty much the exact same way. Really easy, there's a factory connector plug just behind this panel here. Super easy to get to and very straightforward. These essentially just plug into a factory connector, you ground out your wire, pop a couple of fuses in and you're good to go. And you would use all three of those kits the same way as well. When you take them out of storage, you can close up your floor covering and drape it over your threshold. Anywhere is fine other than the latch, you want to keep it away from that. And you simply just close your hatch on it and that way you can plug into your trailer.Now you might think it might be bad for any wiring to get pinched inside of here, but in all honesty, you can still move it around and the wiring is actually designed to be like this. So don't have to worry about hurting anything and have no issues at all when you're ready to hook up. Now that we kind of covered our 4-way flat connectors, let's kind of focus on our 7-way kit. So it's the only kit available and it's a good one, actually. So it'd be a great choice to use. If you need the 7-way connector, it's going to be a really convenient setup. Again, just like the Tekonsha 4-way, very well-built, already comes with some wire loom, and everything on there. That same module box with that potting material inside. And even goes so far to include a pre fit grommet.So this will get installed the same way as the 4-ways, you just will have to route your wiring outside. Which isn't a big deal on this MDX, there's actually a grommet and the open extremely easy to get to pop it out. And you'd simply push your wires down through there to get them to the outside. So don't really take any more time than your 4- way. I will say one thing I did wish they included was a bracket for your 7-way plug. So you will need to pick up a bracket separately to mount this to your hitch. And you can find those here at etrailer there's a ton of different choices that'll work out best for you and the hitch that's on your vehicle. And it's also going to come with everything you need to get it installed. So you got quite a few zip ties to secure everything, some two-sided sticky tape, all your fuses and things of that nature. So you'll be good to go as far as that goes.So if your trailer has a 7-way connector, this kit is going to work out real well for you. Providing you with all the signals that you need to not only remain safe, but legal as well. So in summary, it's really just going to depend on your application. If you need a 7-way plug, we've got you covered here with the Tekonsha kit. And if you need a 4-way, you have a few options. Again, I like the Tekonsha. I think the quality of construction and the power output really sells me over the other two kits. Again, installation is all going to be very similar and it's really just going to boil down to your personal preference. And that'll finish up our look at of our best trailer wiring options for your Acura MDX. I hope you found this information useful and it helps you decide which trailer wiring will work out best for you.

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