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Best CIPA Spot Mirror Options

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Best CIPA Spot Mirror Options

A question that we often get here at etrailer is what's the difference in the little spot mirrors, the mirrors that are going to attach to our factory mirror for either blind spots or to help us along with towing. We wanted to take a few minutes here to go over that for and explain what what the differences are exactly. Now to the typical blind spot mirror that we're all used to is going to be our little 2" round style. These are going to come as a two pack. This is part number 49112. These have a tint to them. We also have this without a tint.

We can see a little bit here just using one of our other lenses. It does do a fairly good job deflecting that glare for us. The are really ideal for fleet use. You're going to see these a lot for guys that are buying hundreds of mirrors. They want to save as much money as but still stay in compliance with maybe some laws or just to help their guys see.

These are going to be a really nice add-on. As we move up from those, we're going to go into more of the angled style mirrors. These r going to be really nice and definitely recommended for recreational towing, if your car hauler around, four wheelers, motor homes, whatever the case may be, these just really do a great job. These do a good job of expanding our field of view, but these are really doing to do a great job. These are going to give us a wide range. It looks nice and clear, that convex mirror.

Doesn't do too much as far as distorting the view or anything. These are two examples that we've got here. This is going to be the 1-1/4" by 2-1/4". This is part number CM49002. This one you can see is going to be just a little bit larger. This more of a 2" by a 2" mirror.

This is one of favorites of mine. I really like where this mounts on the vehicle. This is going to go on lower left-hand corner of your mirror, whereas this one is designed to go on the lower right-hand corner. If you've got anything there that might be obstructed, that's an easy way to make your decision. They've got several varieties of these that are out there. Definitely recommended for your recreational-type of situation. Then we're going to get into the large one. This would be for adding on to your bigger trucks, in my opinion. Some people would put this on a smaller mirror. It's going to take up a majority of the mirror. This is 3-3/4" in diameter, part number on it is 49304. The great thing about this mirror, it mounts in the middle here, and it actually swivels. We can turn this and adjust it to really customize our view for different situations. In my opinion, your big trucks that already have the towing mirrors on them, plenty of mirror surface there, this can help you to take up any of these weaknesses in the current mirror setup. The lens being the size it is, it's really going to help us out a lot. If it's taking up half of your factory mirror, I don't know if it's doing that much of service for you. Now on our smaller mirrors here, there are some of our customers that say they'll put them on their custom towing mirror just to have all of their bases covered, give them a little bit more of a field of view. I'm not sure if you have your mirrors adjusted properly, if you're going to gain too much from adding these to a custom towing mirror. They certainly wouldn't interfere with the mirrors going on the vehicle or anything like that. It's an each their own situation there. If it helps you out, then it's a great product to have.

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