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Best Hitch Anti-Rattle Options

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Best Hitch Anti-Rattle Options

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the different types of hitch anti-rattle accessories that are available. We're gonna go over the different uses for each particular type to help you choose which one's gonna be right for your situation.I like to kinda group these into three basic categories. One will be a sleeve style that's more of a bolt-on or a clamp-on application. Another very popular type is gonna be a threaded pin replacement. This is gonna replace your standard 5/8" pin with an anti-rattle device. The third type we have available is gonna be a sleeve style.

This a wedge or maybe a plate style that kinda bolts on.We're gonna start with talking about the threaded pin replacements. These seem to be the most common. They're very versatile, meant to work in a lot of different situations. There are several types available. Some of them more involved with locks and stuff, some of them not so much.

Some of them are gonna require tools, some won't.With threaded pin replacements, typically you're gonna have a bolt of some type that's meant to thread into the pinhole on your hitch. It's gonna go through whatever accessory that you have mounted, and inside, we're gonna have a nut.We'll take the Curt, for instance. You can see the spacer that's in the back side with the nut attached. Before tightening it down, you can see how much play and how much noise is generated there. In this case, we're gonna use a 19 mm.

We'll begin to tighten that down, and you'll see it draw that spacer and the shank of our accessory, or in this case, our ball mount, over against the side of the receiver tube opening there. Once tight, you see all that movement and all that wiggle has been eliminated.You can see here, we have a lever style. This one doesn't require any tools, but it's gonna be threaded into an insert that we've got here on the inside. It also has a block inside of there. We can turn our handle here.

That's gonna tighten up that block slightly. Then we just push down that lever. That gets everything closed together, squeezes it together. Then again, no movement, shake, or play.Another replacement pin style that we have is the J-Pin stabilization system. This is designed for specific use. You're gonna wanna have a Draw-Tite hidden hitch or a Reese Class III or IV receiver tube. Not only should it have the single 5/8" diameter pin here, but there should be one located just in front of it that's slightly smaller. That allows this portion of the pin to go through and apply pressure on the side of that ball mount holding it in place. Then with that style hitch, once you have those tightened down, it's gonna help to eliminate that movement.The next type we'll talk about are gonna be the more heavy-duty sleeve style or kinda the clamp-around style. These are gonna work out great in just about any application, whether it's light-duty all the way up to heavy-duty. They're gonna do an excellent job. They eliminate movement not only up and down, but left and right. This type system tends to really shine or show the most effect on the heavy-duty utility, heavy-duty flat tow setups of things like that, just because they generate so much force and so much power to hold everything in place that you don't have to worry about it. When you get into the medium- and light-duty, of course it's gonna do the job there as well.These are typically gonna require tools for installation. In this case, we've got a U-bolt that comes down around the bottom, flange nuts with set nuts on top to get everything locked in place. Here we've got a double system. We have one pulling over to this side, one pulling downward. Both of these seem to work out equally. However, if you look through, you'll see that a lot of people prefer this style, just because over time, they don't tend to deform or kinda wear out, which we get with some of the other sleeve styles, which we'll take a look at here in a few minutes.A drawback to this style setup is that if you switch out accessories often, it takes a little work. You're gonna have to go get a tool. You're gonna have to get it tightened down. That's not so much different than some of the pin replacement styles. A threaded pin, typically you'll have to get a wrench out for those. But you really see customers talking about how big of a difference that this style is gonna make, that when nothing else would work, this would work. One guy even commented that he made a mistake and didn't install it. Really wish he did, 'cause all that movement and all that play that he got out of those heavier loads kinda shifting his vehicle.The last type we have available are gonna be the sleeve style with the wedge or the plate style, which would just basically use a U-bolt and a plate to apply a little pressure on top. We're not gonna spend a whole lot of time on these. These are good at eliminating noise, but not necessarily the movement. These are gonna be very light-duty style applications. Again, not a lot of movement side-to-side or up-and-down that's gonna be reduced. Typically for that style application, you're gonna want to use either one of the threaded pins or the clamp-around style sleeve.We'll see in our case here, these do tend to be pretty easy on and off. Some will require tools. You can see where our wedge, the surface of that wedge . You see the wear marks there where it fits up against the receiver tube. Some people like to use these to hold their pin placement. Once this is on and is installed, as you put a heavy item in there, you're not gonna have to worry about lining it up front to back. That might be a good option for you. But again, as far as reducing the movement, it doesn't do an awesome, awesome job at that. But all in all, it can keep things quiet while you head down the road.There is one category we really haven't talked about yet, and that's gonna be your original replacement for an accessory that you've already got. Maybe your bike rack, your cargo carrier, anything like that, truck bed extender, came with an original hardware set and anti-rattle bolt, but you've lost it or damaged it. We do have direct replacements on our website, whether it's your Rhino Rack, Malone, Thule, Yakima, many other manufacturers. We have the exact part you're gonna need to match all of your components. Often those are gonna have locks and cables, too.Let's kind of do a quick summary. We've talked about the heavy-duty application here, the sleeve with clamp style. It's gonna shine in the heavy-duty applications, but it's gonna work with just about anything that you might wanna attach it to. It's gonna give us the most stabilization of the item that we have in the back. Also reduces noise 100%. With the pin replacement style, we get a lot of those characteristics that we're gonna have in the clamp-around style. We have to keep in mind, though, with the heavy, heavy-duty items, the up-and-down might become an issue. With the light-duty wedge style or plate style, mainly geared towards noise reduction, not necessarily preventing movement.One additional piece of information to go along with what we've already talked about in choosing the right one for you is gonna be the opening size of your hitch. Some of them are 1 1/4", some or 2", 2 1/2". Some are even gone to 3". You wanna be sure you're choosing an accessory that's designed to work with your opening.As far as what I would pick for my applications, if I we're doing something heavy-duty or if I had a solid shank ball mount, I would pick one of the Roadmaster style just like this. They do an excellent job. They get excellent reviews. I don't think you're ever gonna have to worry about bending or damaging it. If something along the lines of a pin replacement is what you're looking for, Curt part number C22321 is an excellent choice. I've used it a lot, given it to friends to use. They never have any issues. If a tool-free installation's more up your alley, part number SHP2082 is an excellent choice. It's gonna offer the lever. Also has the lock on the other side.That's kinda gonna wrap it up. I hope the information was helpful kinda helping you decide what is gonna be better in what application and get the right one for you.

Questions and Comments about this Video

David D.

I have a new 2022 ford f250 super duty. it came with a 3 inch recevier. My weight distribution hitch has a 2 inch solid shank. I had to put in a 3 to 2 inch solid reducer sleeve. I need an anti rattle device that will fit over the 3 inch receiver shoulder which measures 4 inches and tighten down on the 2 inch wd hitch shank. I am trying to stop rattle and tighten the shank so that it does not elongate the holes in the factory receiver hitch over time. Please let me know which product will accomplish this. Thanks, David D.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

The Blue Ox # BLU85QR Immobilizer should be just want youi are looking for. It is the only device that fits a 3 inch receiver + collar.


Best video on this topic! Andrew K- great presentation and professional bearing. Longer beard adds gravitas; yet no longer unless you want to sell duck calls!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Haha - thanks for the kind words! I agree that his beard is at optimal length. Although I don't think he'd mind demonstrating duck calls, either.

Bob S.

In the video Best Hitch Anti-Rattle Options, Randy B. reviews a lever style anti-rattle device 2nd option reviewed. However, no name is mentioned, no link posted, and cant find anything like that doing a search of your website. Please identify and send link so I can purchase it. Thanks.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I believe the device you're referring to is the Let's Go Aero SilentACT # SHP2082 . I linked a more detailed video on this product below as well.

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