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Best Hitch Lock Options

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Best Hitch Lock Options

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at hitch locks. We're going to go over the different types and combos available, to help you determine which is going to suit your needs the best.Hitch locks are designed to replace a standard pin and clip. What these allow us to do is secure whatever item that we have in our hitch to the receiver tube opening, so we won't have to worry… see more >     



One model of hitch lock has the lock modeled to your truck key. So the truck key is also the lock key. There aren’t a huge number of key options for this type of lock. They created locks based on a major truck keys characteristics. All a thief has to do is buy or copy someone’s Chevy Colorado key. You then have the key to just about all of this type of hitch locks for the Chevy Colorado.

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Jon G.


I mean if that is the case then I think I'd be more concerned with someone driving off with my vehicle rather than removing my locking hitch pin to be honest. Something to keep in mind with locks in general is that they are really meant just to keep people honest. Given enough time, talent, energy, and resources any lock can be beat no matter how good it is.